Linyuan, Kaohsiung

Hello! I’m Matthew, an Asian-American fresh to Taiwan. I just moved to Kaohsiung, literally only been a week since I got out of quarantine.

I accepted the only job offer I received and didn’t realize how far out of the actual city I’m located in. I’m in the Linyuan District and it’s like the country side here. Haha I’m an English teacher at an Elementary and Sr High School, and I’m the only foreign teacher at both schools.

Even local Kaohsiung locals tell me I live too far out from everything lol This is a long shot but I was wondering if there were any other foreign English teachers (or foreigners in general) in the area open to connecting.

People here have been pretty nice so far, but with my very limited Chinese and not knowing anyone, things can get a bit lonesome. Getting out of Linyuan is a bit cumbersome without a car or scooter, and all I have is a beat up bike. lol if you’re in the area, please say hi! :grin:


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Just looking at the map, some of the places that are considered “Kaohsiung City” are pretty wild. You’re doing better than some!


One of my favorite places to drive to and just chill out is in linyuan :blush:

But yes, it’s quite far out from the city!

Linyuan Ocean Wetland Park
Bankuo Road, Linyuan District, Kaohsiung City, 832
07 336 8333

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Wow, you’re way south of even the airport. I live in Kaohsiung’s urban center and it’d take close to 2 hours to get to you. Well, at least you have much fresher air… and better bike trails. See if you like the country life (some do), and if not then switch jobs to a more urban location after your contract is up.


I actually made a stop there this morning since it’s only a 10 minute bike ride from me. A great place to relax. Will definitely be going often. If there’s anything else in LY you recommend me checking out, please do let me know. :slight_smile:

That’s definitely the plan. I thought it was pretty convenient here until I left LY for a day yesterday. lol I don’t even have a KFC remotely close - dying for their egg tarts. Although I like how low-key things can be here, I can’t lie and wish it was easier to get around to some of the livelier places. But I’m still brand new here. Hopefully once I get familiar with how things work, I’ll make due.

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McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, great seafood the other direction.

No. 2-39, Zhongshan Road, Donggang

Donutes is hang out coffee shop.
No. 157號, Zhongshan Road, Donggang

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Welcome to Kaohsiung, my wife and me have been living in Tainan but we may be moving to Kaohsiung next year, around April possibly. Surely I will contact you if we get there :wink: all the best.

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Are you licensed?

I heard the schools down south don’t always care.

Awesome! I’ve heard Tainan is full of great food. Can’t wait to make a visit there one day! :smiley:

I was offered a job at a private school before, and I don’t have a license. Not in the south though

I’m not too sure about how loose they are down here but I have a substitute teaching license, which apparently is enough. lol

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That area is extremely contaminated. i would suggest buying a scooter and living somewhere else. It is heavily developed with massive factoriesthay have polluted basically the entire SW of taiwan. Dont drink the water :wink:

Nearby areas equally so, Dongang included. Dont let a bridge fool you haha.


Hello, maybe we meet a coffee chat at Donutes or other local coffee chat. It’s not as remote as the northern (Northeast) part of Kaoshuing which can be two hours by car. Your less than hour by public transport to places to Sandou shopping and the waterfront (city bus to MRT小港 XiaoGang to the city via MRT trains or trams to the waterfront). Your also very near Pingtung (across the bridge) with has lots of nice places to visit. Your not far from the city and other nice places, but your in area of chemical / petro plants so not attractive to even locals so it does lack much the nice cafes and shopping.

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Agreed is less desired place to live in Kaoshuing ( A bit like living next the refinery in Taoyuan).
Even without a scooter or car, there is bus service to the MRT near the airport which does have KFC and other places to shop and eat, which a better place to be (living).

Hello from Fangliao, Pingtung County. I’m sorry, you thought Linyuan was rural? We ain’t got much down here except fish, mangoes and the occasionally horrific traffic accident.

I pass through Linyuan once in a while on my way to or from downtown Kaohsiung. One of my daughters is attending high school in Xiaogang District, so Linyuan is on our way if we feel like taking Highway 17 and we’re not in a hurry.

It’s a weird corner of Kaohsiung for sure. At least you’re not far from Donggang and you can take the ferry to Xiaoliuqiu if you feel like it. Taking the bus to downtown Kaohsiung from there is a pain in the ass, but it’s doable on a scooter.

You been up to Qingshuiyan 清水巖 yet? It’s not a bad walk if the weather’s cooler.


Fangliao is nicer and cleaner than Linyuan. Off topic, what happened to the Mango and girl in front of the FangLiao station!!

Yeah I lived in Daliao for years and the pollution from that area (Linyuan) was something else. The water in the streams in linyuan was green and blue… gross.
Daliao was a bit grotty but better than linyuan. The rents were cheap…$8000 got me a fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment in good condition.

Local friends told me that Linyuan had a major explosion at that chemical plant a long time ago and it did major damage both physical and environmental to the area. A lot of abandoned homes there too. Plus it’s close to pingdong with all the farmers burning waste in the fields.

Not sure. They took them away for a while. They were replaced with… something yesterday. Whatever it is was covered in tarp. Not sure if they put the original statues back or they installed something else.