Linyuan, Kaohsiung

Hope they come back !! and not something else.

Thank you for the great information! Because I am still new to the area, there’s a lot I don’t know but it’s awesome knowing that there are some great places nearby! :slight_smile:

Once I get more familiar with LY, I can’t wait to go around and explore. I’d love to meet up and chat whenever. :smiley: Making friends here is always a good thing.

Hello, neighbor! Thanks for the insights. I had no impressions on LY until after I got here. I tried doing a little bit of research beforehand but was told because Taiwan isn’t that big, getting around should be easy. Once I arrived; however, I was told LY is more country-like. I come from the Midwest (USA) and so LY still feels bigger than what I’m used to, but my backyard here has quite a few farm gardens. haha I don’t really mind it. Feels a bit rustic.

Good to know that there’s still some interesting places nearby. I will definitely have to check them out once I get familiar with the metro system. For now, I’d like to avoid scooter riding. haha I know if I plan to stay long-term, it’s unavoidable but maybe in a few months I might muster the courage to give it a go. lol

Linyuan Ocean Wetland Park is only a 10 minute bike ride from where I live, so based on the map it seems I’m not too far from Pitung. Will have to plan on heading over there sometime soon. I haven’t been to Qingshui Yan yet. The Wetland Park is the farthest out I’ve been.

The explosion is a news to me. I had a hunch it was more industrial here and had anticipated bad pollution. I noticed it right away but surprisingly it hasn’t affected me too much. Maybe it’s cause I’ve been to Beijing and was expecting Beijing level bad. haha

Last week I noticed very strong burning smells and haze. Now it makes complete sense if it’s coming from Pingtung. I’ve started to notice the abandoned homes. Went biking over the weekend and noticed at least 2 near where I live. Interesting, for sure! haha

haha right. getting around some of the more industrial areas is a bitch.

Qingshuiyan isn’t awesome. It’s good for a walk and after that you probably won’t want to go back for a while. I keep wondering if the trail above the temple goes all the way over to the factories in Xiaogang. Didn’t walk it very far when I was there.

Smoke? Haze? You’re really close to two of Taiwan’s biggest power plants, which I believe run on coal. Both of these are in Kaohsiung, not Pingtung.

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Maybe on a weekend or evening, I work standard 9-6 office hours.

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Did the trap come off?

I went to DongGang this weekend, there are much better places to eat there (Very good Pizza, giant Starbucks). I did visit Maccas in Linyuan and it was nicer than one I go in Kaoshing,

In DongGang

It did, actually. But I was so busy drinking beer across the circle from it that I don’t even remember what’s there now. Pretty sure it’s the same statues, but I’ll have to take another look.

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OK, thanks !

Hey Matthew,
I live just across the river in Pingtung County. They have two branches of the Kaohsiung City Library.
They’re not remarkable but they offer a cool (literally, free air-conditioning) to hang out.
You can have books sent from any branch to your local library.
But the best thing is you can go to the main branch, take out a lot of books and return them at your local branch.
Do you like to bike? I go on day trips to nearby villages. PM me.

Welcome to Taiwan. These are things that you must spend your hard earned money on if you are staying in LinYuan. There’s a reason the factories around that area subsidize the locals and it aint philanthropy. Please invest in a good mask and room air purifier for yourself.