Liquid armour - tires can't be punctured - body can't be cut

Pretty interesting stuff. The future keeps getting closer: … =218392807

Oh and some spidy suits that do the same kinda thing. They remain loose normally…but if they suffer trauma they will go rigid to protect: … news_rss20

interesting technology… definately worth investing in

Back, er…a few decades ago I remember my O level chemistry teacher saying that someone was going to be rich and famous by finding something useful to do with Potty Putty (silicon play-doh-plasticene stuff that stiffens under shock load - you can smash it with a hammer). This’ll be it then.

Damn! I should have thought of that. Course, perhaps I did. So forgetful these days…

I definately DID think it might be the basis of a way for cafe tables to self adjust to uneveness and stop spilling your coffee (now THATs a serious problem. Really starts the day on a downer) but then I figured 3-legged tables were a more elegant solution.

So remember, 4-legged tables are stupid.

3 Legs Good, 4 Legs Baaaad!

You heard it here first

Interesting stuff.

Mind you i think they are just messing with cornflour and water!!! hit it with a spoon and it goes hard too. :smiley: