Liquid latex

Or for that matter does anyone know what it’s called in chinese so I could ask for it? I live in Kaohsiung, but I could come to Taipei to get it.

If you really want to know what it’s for, I want to make some models with it.

I think BroonAle would know :wink:

Please excuse my ignorance, but who or what is BroonAle?

I’ll check at home and add the Chinese name tonight; you can buy it in several places, including chemist supply, and artist supply stores. In the latter, it is often found as a removable mask for painting watercolors.

What are you using it for?

[quote=“Plastic Rat”]Or for that matter does anyone know what it’s called in Chinese so I could ask for it? I live in Kaohsiung, but I could come to Taipei to get it.

If you really want to know what it’s for, I want to make some models with it.[/quote]

Sorry, unclear question. Are you doing reusable molds? Would you be interested in silicone rubber instead of latex? Do you want a 2-part, quick-dry solution with catalyst, or an air-dry pure white latex liquid? The latter is 橡樹乳液.

Wow, thanks for the help so far.

I want to make some re-usable molds of plastic scenery items which I then want to re-cast in dental plaster.

I tried to look it up on babelfish and it came through as “liquid milk” in chinese.

I think I’ll be going for the air-dry pure white.

Silicone rubber would just be the stuff you can buy in tubes at any hardware/B&Q for fixing fishtanks or plumbing right?

Silicone rubber is potentially more durable, and has a curing agent so you can make a thicker, interlocking mold in one pour, without worrying about the inside not drying. Chemist supply stores carry it, on 天水路 tian1shui3 Rd. in Taipei. I bought mine at Raymical, Tianshui Rd. #39, 2559-6188, They also carry all kinds of cool stuff, from epoxies (useful for making more durable scenery items, e.g., model railroad which is what I assume you do (?)) to dyes (to permanently dye cloth, or to tint the epoxy or foam), 2-part expanding polyurethane for sculpting mountains, fiberglass cloth for reinforcing, etc. Cool shop.

Yeah, ‘milk liquid’ is essentially the name, the last 2 of the characters I posted.

That’s really only suitable for making thin, flexible things like false ears, hanging flaps of skin (for horror makeup), etc., don’t you think? Maybe you know how to use it better than I. The silicone rubber version is more durable and easier to use for molds for repeated use, IMO, as is the latex if you cook it with a little sulfur first (I’m told; haven’t tried the latter, but that’s essentially what vulcanizing is. ).

There are different kinds of silicone rubber. The one I’m talking about comes in a big 1kg tin, called Polytex RTV 106, from Germany. Out of the tin it looks like sweetened condensed milk; then you add a yellowish catalyst, and it solidifies into a flexible, rubbery, resilient block. I’m still experimenting with mine, with mixed success; you have to be very careful to add enough catalyst, or it won’t solidify. I was trying to cast custom-made moving vent parts for motorcycle helmets, but haven’t really succeeded yet. The hardware version might end up working better, I don’t know. I’d be very interested in your feedback, since I’m just playing and learning as I go. I have had success molding epoxy with strontium aluminate (alkaline earth aluminate) activated by rare earth ions (don’t all those big words sound cool? It’s glow in the dark powder). The resulting epoxy object is quite durable. You could probably do trees by forming a wire core, then dipping it in epoxy to thicken it; another dip of glue, then dip that in shredded green stuff, and you could make leaves on it, etc.

What scenery items are you doing, trees, fences and stuff for model RR?

I used to mold minifigs for D&D, and the molds I bought were silicon rubber too, but they were much tougher, dark grey or blackish, and more durable than this Polytex. But those were for pouring molten white metal.

I found liquid latex about 4 or 5 years ago in Shimen ding. It was at a theatrical makeup shop. The area has changed so much since then, I am hard pressed to explain where it was.
The kind that is used for making prosthetics and masks is probably what you are looking for. Any theatrical makeup shop should carry it.
Good luck.