List of all place names in Taiwan


for a little project I am looking for a list of all Taiwanese place names. Preferably not only the city, subdistrict or town level, but also the places without any rank (e.g. 墾丁 or 木柵 or 車埕 or something like that).

Does anybody know something like that? I would also be content with a book, if there is nothing online.

Does this work?

On the same topic, does anyone know if an official list such as this is available in English. I know they are trying to standardize all the names now, but a few places were exceptions.

Just click for the English version of the above link.

Some neighborhood names, which may or may not be recognized by the government, are very interesting. I’ve blogged about a few of them: Strange and wonderful place names.

Oh great, there were actually some replies :smiley: Thanks. I guess the list from Wikipedia is a start. I think maybe other place names are only found in a book…