List of companies with good environmental/labor/quality reco

we need something like the valdez principles for china. we need to reward companies in china that have proven they care about china’s environment and her workers, as well as putting out a good quality product. then people who care could take action beyond just joining in a protest. we also need to shame companies that have bad records in china on the environment, labor, and social justice in general. any company that sells to Americans. I wouldn’t mind paying a higher price for something if i knew that my purchasing power was having a good effect on my country as well as in china. does something like this already exist?

we should have a black list/hall of shame AND an A-list/wall of fame. environmental groups recommend companies based on their environmental records, but I don’t know if something comprehensive involving their environmental record and social justice issues such as unions/plant safety exist. we need the CHINA LIST!!!WHERE IS IT???at the protest this could be advertised!!! I will make this a topic on the international politics board and see what comes up-v (from an email)

Apple produces in China, and is supposedly one of the highest polluters and despoilers, surprisingly. For all their squeaky clean image, some of the toxins they use in their production process have been banned by nearly every other corperation, inlcuding many of the (what you would think are) more ‘stodgy’ Japanese corperations.

So it’s hard to know just from the face of a company whose dirty and whose not.

thx for that info- where did you get it so that i may read more about it?