List of Import Shops

Perhaps there should be one place where one can find a list of all the Western food shops in Taipei. Here are the ones I’ve found, and would welcome any more to add!

Jason’s (Taipei 101 basement level)
City Super (Far Eastern Hotel basement level)
Costco (Neihu)
And a little hole-in-the wall off Shi-Da road, a few blocks closer to Roosevelt from Grandma Nitti’s. They carry a lot of good baking goods.

I have not been out to Tienmu, but hear there are some decent places there. Any additions?

In Tianmu:
Wellman’s Market
472 Zhongshan North Road, Section 6
Tel: 2871-4454

That’s Mami (馬米). At least I think that’s what its called?

Breeze Super at the Breeze Center.

Here’s an interesting one near Shida. I just got back from my first trip to it. It’s not big, and not a store, as much as it is a restaurant and hotel supplier, but they will sell single items to walk-ins too, and they speak English:

P&P Food & Spices 東遠
Taibei, Zhong1zheng4 District, Jin1men2 Jie1, 9-14, 1F
金門街9-14, 1F
This street runs southwest off of Roosevelt, just southwest of Shi-Da. Take Heping westward to Roosevelt; turn left, go about 200+ yards, and turn right; after a ways it’s on your left (small entrance, not well marked)

Nov. 2013 edit: Please note,
walk-in service is ONLY available Tues.-Sat., 1:30pm to 4:30 pm.