List of Schools that teach Adults

I want to find a job teachign adults.

Can you add a school name and contact info to the list?

If you have a job for me, let me know about it!


David’s, Global Village and the YMCA are three that come to mind.

Kojen, Wall Street, LTTC, and Hess also teach adults.
Wall Street is salaried and only adults.
Kojen is salaried or per hour, and they have both adults & kids departments.
LTTC is a language center associated with NTU, the highest rated university in the country, but they only accept experienced teachers (smart policy). Pay is also salaried.
Hess just recently started an Adults program, but I know absolutely nil about it.

Contact info should be on the net. LTTC has a wanted post here, and Wall Street has several branches in TPE.