List of Stores which carry deodorant in Kaohsiung

I tried a more targeted deodorant+Kaohsiung search, but got an error message.

I’m looking for a short list of places here in Kaohsiung which stock this very important commodity. FYI, Costco appears to no longer carry any.
thanks all

Most, if not all, supermarkets (Wellcome/Carrefours/RT Marts/Geant) carry deodorants of various brands…also, all Watsons, Cosmeds, POYA’s etc have deos stocked on their shelves…just walk into one of these outlets and you will find it. Are you looking for any particular brand (Axe/Rexona/Nike/Adidas)?

Just FYI you can also order it online, e.g. OldSpice from PChome shopping or Ruten.

Thanks everyone. I went to Carrefour and bought something by Nivea that cost a fortune and makes me smell like an effeminately horny drop-kick dog, a clean but vaguely foofy and musky odeur. I will file this knowledge away in the “any port in a storm” category. It is preferable to the smell of a coal miner after a long shift in any case. I saw an interesting post in a previous thread from Tainan Cowboy. Something about a place that will deliver Speed Stick in bulk. That would be splendid.

I hear ya, I was stuck in the Chung some years back with no Deo, and all I could rustle up post haste was one for ladies. UGH AND UGH AGAIN.

Carrefour also carries a Canadian brand of antiperspirant called ban, it comes in various not great smelling varieties, but at least it makes you sweat a bit less… and it’s comparably cheap, as it’s about twice as big as the Nivea dry sticks for less money.

You can also get Rexona for men in Carrefour, but afaik it’s only roll-on or spray.

I’ve got 4 or 5 Right Guard I don’t need if someone wants to buy. I believe they’re the gel type, but might be a stick. PM me if interested. (Kaohsiung pick-up would be preferable)