List of survivors or list of all?

Having an idle minute just now I went over to the “members list section”. And I noticed that I was number 10! I was the tenth person to join up (a head of Wolf, Sandman and other notables?) Or I am the tenth among the folks who still post/have not been “pruned”/banned?

If so as the 10th person I should get a prize. Or maybe my “prize” is my place in Taiwan cyberhistory.

Actuallly what surprised me was I thought I had got here kind of late; that the site had been running for a couple of years, but now as I think about it I guess how I heard about it was back when Orientated “morphed” into Segue which segued into Forumosa.

I am going to make myself an award and mail it to my mother. Okay then, dinner is ready, time to close.

take care,
Brian the Tenth

You notice how a buttload of us have the same (or very close) joining date, in early June 2001? We lost our real sign up dates in the move from Segue… kind of like accidently putting your passport in with the wash, or fudging your date of birth, only cheaper. :wink:

I made my [url= thread[/url] in September 2000. :smiley: Sadly, my login failed that day and I can’t even remember my username at that time. I’m sure I’d beat out Mr. Hartzell for #6 but for that glitch. :laughing:

Oh, so some important historical cyber-documents about the early daze of the site got scrambled. And so the listed rankings are kind of random. Actually that makes sense because I found it hard to believe that I had signed up ahead of a number of Famous Frequent Forumosians who have several million posts to their credit.

But still though, I can tell the grandkids I don’t (and won’t) have; I was the 10th! and leave it to the cyber historians to disprove my claim. Thanks for the run down.

take care,

My first name of 'grasshopper" got fried in the change from oriented to segue and I had to sign up again on Forumosa. “grasshopper” found a good home with the poster who came to be known as grasshopper. However, I find it hard to believe that when I signed up as Fox there were only 70 other registered users because that was well into the peace.

If you want to know your exact number in the hierarchy, pass your cursor over your profile icon at the bottom of every post, and click “copy shortcut”. Mine looks like this: … ofile&u=56. The digit at the end means that I was the 56th person to register on Forumosa. But to look at the active memberlist, it would appear that I was the second member to join the boards. There are two reasons for this: One, we lost some handles in the way that Fox described, when we made the move from oriented to segue. Even Gus lost his handle at that time! Second, I prune the boards of inactive members several times a year. If a member has gone more than three years with out having posted more than once, he’s gone.