List of Taiwanese Banks with Self-directed brokerage

Anyone know which banks have a self-directed brokerage that allows investments into the US stock market through ETFs, stocks, etc.? Preferably one that allows holdings in US dollars?


On a side note, what is self directed brokerage in Chinese?

I had a quick look and Taishin seems to have something - I’m not sure if Foreigners can buy though.

And per @Brianjones First Bank will open one with some pushing:

Just for FYI , even if you hold US stocks with a taiwan broker you are still liable for estate tax.

“U.S.-situated assets include American real estate, tangible personal property, and securities of U.S. companies. A nonresident’s stock holdings in American companies are subject to estate taxation even though the nonresident held the certificates abroad or registered the certificates in the name of a nominee”

A foreigner can buy mutual funds through 富邦人壽 (it’s sold as a life insurance plan). You need a 富邦銀行 account as well. You can invest in NTD or foreign currency, most funds are in USD, but it’s possible to buy into Euro funds too. I didn’t ask about Yen, but they might have that. The bank account allows you to hold foreign currency (USD, Euro at least) and you can set it up so that you can invest and move money around among your funds from their web interface. The fre they charge is 5% on the invested amount (this seems high to me, but I don’t know these 5things), and then no other fees after that (e.g., when taking money out).

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