List of Xizhi pharmacies w/ contact info?

I am almost out of a prescription drug. I know that it can be bought without a prescription in Taiwan.

But rather than ride around on my scooter until a find a pharmacy that has the drug, is there a way I can find a list of pharmacies for a certain area?

I would like to find one in Shi Jr. Thanks in advance.

The only pharmacy in Xizhi I know is at Ming2feng1 jie1 明峰街 #157: 2692-2111. It’s across the street from a sign in the shape of a giant pair of glasses. Here’s a map; the position of the pharmacy is only a very rough approximation.

Thanks for that but I was hoping for a way to search for a somewhat comprehensive list. Tried my best with Google but didn’t get far.

I know, but at least you have one phone number to call now. Better than nothing.