List your accidents~

In light of all the rampant foreign driver stuff, let’s see who’s been in accidents… both here n back home. I’ve had my fair share. How’d it happen and what was the damage? Whose fault?

#1. Australia. Turned right at a green arrow, then ran straight through the red circle. 130am, didn’t realise it was two intersections, to which the cops told me it’s a common accident spot there. Anyways, got hit by the ONLY other car on the road, a big 4x4 driven by an under-the-influence hick. He got done for drinking, and me for running a red. My own fault though, as I shouldn’t have run the red - even if by accident. Damage - car flipped upside down after hitting the median strip. Totalled. Pissed off father as we’d just got the last oil leaks out a week ago. Glass from window got into arm and shaved the bone, so two nice scars there now from the operations to get the glass out. Ruined trenchcoat.

#2. Australia. Taking a right hander, about 5 over the limit. Parked car on the side of the road decided to pull out without looking. Dent in the door. Old dude paid as it was his fault.

#3. The big intersection between Yi-zhong st. and Taichung Metro Park. Went to take off with the other scooters at the green when an old guy came barreling through the just-red. Ok. Slow down, let him pass. Big mistake. Other scooters just kept going and the old dude swerved to avoid them by going behind them. Right into me. His fault, but I couldn’t claim as I had no licence at the time (was booked to do the test three days later). Scratched knee and new fairings for the scoot needed.

#4. The infamous 136, on the way back to Taichung. On the scooter chasing down an unplated VFR400 (VFR? was a 400cc, sports fairings). Tire pressure was too low and I came around a hairpin and over a bump. Back end lost it and I highsided. Only doing about 40, I’d say, but still ended up with a broken collarbone. Scoot was fine apart from scratched up fairings and a broken mirror. My fault.

#5. Was turning right at an intersection, when the bike I was supposed to go behind decided to stop in the ‘waiting box’, to make an illegal left hand turn. In other words, instead of going across to the other box and making a hook turn, he stopped in the box in the lane we were in. Was an old guy so I locked up the brakes and slid the bike rather than crash into him. He didn’t care and just made his illegal turn anyway. His fault.

#6. Turning left at a T intersection right outside the missus’ cousins’ house. Woman ran straight through the red and my attempt to scurry out of the way failed and she clipped my tail. Called the cops and she ended up having her insurance fork over about 30,000 to fix my bike. Brand new shoes ruined. Her fault.

#7. Riding a friend’s bike. Unplated Honda X4. Through the car park/new road area where we had held our training session that time. Came up over a ridge to find that the road on the other side hadn’t been made yet. Dropped the bike, though I think I could’ve survived had I been on my own bike. 21,000NT worth to fix the bike and left thumb’s metacarpal shattered into four pieces. Was wearing pants, boots and helmet - but had left my jacket and gloves with the others. My fault for not checking out the road first.

#8. Was slowing down for a red when the light turned green. So I went. Car going the other way turned left in front of me and I ended up T-boning him. Front end of the scoot ruined and had to take him to small claims with a police report to get the cash from him. His fault.

Never been in an accident in Taiwan because I don’t have a scooter/motorcycle - smartest move I’ve made in a while.

I’ve had many, but these three stick out the most:

    1. High school. Coming home at night on my Honda MT50 after a cannabis party with a buddy on the back. Hit a concrete lampost. It broke at the base and fell on my right leg. I woke up and saw the sole of my shoe in my face. My shin at a right angle. Both bones smashed and staring at me through my new jeans. Doc in the ER wanted to amputate, but my Dad insisted he set it. Wise move. It’s as strong as ever now, albeit 3cm shorter.
    1. Going to Nespruit in my friend’s brand new Toyota Corolla. Trying to smoke heroin off of a piece of aluminium foil whilst travelling at 160kmph. Rolled it and totalled it. Not hurt, though (the heroin was unharmed too).
  1. Drunk. 1995. VW Passat station wagon. Trying to get to Germiston on the M1. Hit a barrier and broke one of the wheels off. Not hurt. Phoned the AA and waited for the tow-truck. Some nice gentlemen stopped to help. Pointed three 9mm pistols in my face and told me to get out of the car as they were going to appropriate it. I kindly obliged and then told them to take a look on the other side of the car. They told me I was a dumb fuck for breaking my wheel and they should shoot me for my stupidity. We all had a good laugh and they left.

Ah, the folly of youth.

I’ve had about 4 minor, 2 mediocre and one in Taiwan 2 years ago that was a little scary. I ran a red and plowed straigth into a car, we were both travelling around 80km ( know i was anyway). I flew off the scooter then skidded across the road and was knocked unconscious, woke up in the hospital. Helmet surely saved my life that day as I still have lingering effects of a concussion. A few stiches and some serious road burn all over my body and face and I’ve learned my lesson. I drive quite slowly now, but still guilty of a couple other bad habits. :unamused:

I had one called Patricia.

Sounds like a nasty one :roflmao:

Patricia? Would that accident be your child or your wife or ex? :slight_smile:

No. It was the first time I drove a van in Taipei. I didn’t know the turning radius was so different. I call it Patricia.

only one, early 80’s, staten island. Summer vacation from college. Looked at job selling china–no idea lol–and had to go to new jersey for orientation. sat through half of presentation before realizing i had wasted a morning. pretty pissed off about about it, i was driving home at breakneck speed in my ford pinto, suicidal tendencies tape on high volume, lol, i remember that clearly. got as far as rockland avenue, a winding road through the “greenbelt” of staten island. i went way to fast into that turn there, and as i was coming out before the intersection, the car didn’t hold the road and i went straight across it into a dirt berm that had been thoughtfully built there to keep assholes like me from smashing our cars into the woods. no seatbelt on of course and i cracked my head nice on the windshield, dented the fender good, but was able to drive away. seconds before a bus had passed by, timing was worse could have been ugly. definitely a lucky moment. since then they’ve built a concrete divider in the center of the road there, you can see it if you close-up on the map.

Got hit head-on by a chip truck like this on my bicycle in 1987.

It was completely his fault. I arrived at a stop sign first and proceeded straight through the intersection (or halfway through it). He was heading the other direction and turning across my path. I had the right of way but slowed down first to be sure he saw me and stopped at his stop sign. I thought he was stopping, but it turned out he was just downshifting.

I blacked out and wasn’t aware of being loaded into the ambulance, but woke up in the hospital with a broken arm, bunch of stitches in my head and a couple of black eyes. I started wearing a helmet on bike rides after that. It was also my first experience with a lawsuit and after I discovered that my lawyer got more money than me, even though I suffered the pain, that’s when I decided to become a lawyer. Seriously.

So THAT’s why you have the word “Peterbilt” embossed in reverse in a nice cursive script in your forehead.

I can’t remember how many i have had, let alone name them all. When i worked as a motorbike courier in Sydney in the late 80s, if i did not have more than one crash a month, i just wasn’t making enough money and i would ride faster and more recklessly. that all ended in tears one day, in intensive care with a smashed pelvis, three broken vertebrae, smashed knee with 4 torn ligaments, buttocks scraped off, leg nerve damage, severe concussion, and near death from loss of blood… no other crash has come close, luckily. Funnily enough, I have never crashed a Ducati, though i have ridden far more miles and much, much faster on them: almost all my crashes were on crappy 250 Hondas, Yamahas and Kawasakis.

Got sideswiped pulling into a scooter box and that’s it. It was the other guy’s fault because he tried to rush the lights by overtaking from the left line past my right side but I could have prevented it with an extra shoulder check. Glad it happened because I wasn’t seriously injured, I was more careful after that and never had any other accidents.

Oh, and never had a single ticket. The closest I ever got was being pulled over for doing 30 over the speed limit on an empty freeway at night (cops must have been bored). My wife pretended she was about to give birth and the cop let us go.

I hope she was pregnant at the time. :laughing:

I live on my scooter and I haven’t been in accident.(Touch wood)I have been riding every day for over 6 years.

I don’t drink so on the weekends I always go everywhere with my scooter…mission to clubs and take people back home…and I live pretty far out (Xindian)

THe time I was MOST sure I will get in a crash was when I had to ride from Taipei to Taishan on a little 50cc Sym Dio. Had to make that wierd turn and cross 2 bridges and go through the cramped crazy streets of Hsinchuang…took me about 2 hours a day…for over 2 years. The scooter was 8 years old…I got if for NT4000…and it lasted!!!

I do know that I’m pretty lucky because I haven’t been in a crash. I have some friends that have been in more than 5 crashes?

“Fucking”… that is the name of all my accidents… its always a “fucking” accident… or a “fucking” car… or a “fucking” whatever thing was that made me crash…
btw, 4 accidents in almost 5 years… worst one on a scooter when a “fucking” BMW got me from the side while he was speeding and passing a red light…

I haven’t had many accidents because I drive like a little old lady. And little old men are always hitting on me.

Yesterday…May long weekend of drinking combined with a Vindaloo curry. Explosive reaction.

I’m NOT old! I’m NOT! You do have nice thighs, though, there’s no denying.

Accidents happen.

bwahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that’s a good one~!!!