Listening materials I made

Hi, I’m a native Chinese speaker from Shanghai, China.
I made some listening materials(Mandarin Chinese - Simplified & Traditional).
If you need the materials, just contact me at
I will do my best to email you the materials ASAP. I hope it will help. :laughing:

It’s generous of you to offer to send your materials. But why don’t you explain a little more about them, here?

I’ve been e-mailing with the gentleman.

Seems that his materials are based on radio and TV broadcasts and other things from the PRC. The level sounds like it’s pretty advanced.

He sent me a sample this morning, but I won’t have time to crack it open until later tonight (with luck). I’ll let you know what my impressions are if the thing doesn’t blow up my computer. (Only kidding.) (I hope.)

Any news on this Ironlady?

Short (1-2 min) things read at native speed. My main objection is the sound quality, which is very poor. It would be difficult for someone wanting to improve his Chinese to really use these things. Also, there is nothing “pedagogical” about them – he provides a transcript in both simplified and traditional characters, but no intro, vocab, scaffolding, outlines, questions, exercises, etc. At least as far as I can see. I’m interpreting in Europe this week so haven’t had a lot of time to really check it out thoroughly. He sends a new one every day, though.