Listening to online radio streams from Mainland China in Taiwan


I would like to listen to some online radio from Mainland China. However every station that I try to tune in to on the TuneIn Radio website always brings up an error message, or won’t connect. If I try and use Windows Media Player I also get a network connection error message.

Can somebody help me to check if they encounter the same problem? This list of stations is here:

I can’t get any of them to play here in Taiwan. :blush:

Could it be due to some sort of blocking on either side of the Taiwan Strait?


Likely just not enough cross strait bandwidth?

I use this Internet Radio and get plenty of stations from mainland China ( though I don’t know what they are since most of the station names are all in Chinese characters ):

You can change the menu to English. The good thing about this radio, if a station is not on the list, and you have a link to the stream, you can add it to your Favorites.