Listing of Lawyers on AIT website



Has anyone ever heard anything about the lawyers they have listed on the AIT website? I was wondering if they are good or bad … I have few things going on…

Also, how can I find a good lawyer? ask around? look in the yellow pages or what??

Thanks in advance.

The lawyers there are simply the firms in town who have asked AIT to put their names on the list. Same goes for the British Council. They are probably OK, but if you have a criminal case, you should probably find a good Taiwanese lawyer with an independent practice who specializes in criminal law. The people on the AIT list mainly do business law.

thanks that helped a lot…

life insurance that’s business law I guess?

how about inheritance what does that fall under

Commercial law.

Family law and property law.

Actually, the AIT list of law firms should offer a description of the areas in which each of those firms practice. I know that my firm is listed there and we practice in all areas of law in Taiwan.

Check the list.

you are in the list? which one are you

A friend of mine told me there about a lawyer named Steven J. Hanley that works for Winkler Partners which is on the AIT list. He says this guy is a very good and one of those rare lawyers that don’t over charge and even offer a lot of free advice. Very trustworthy guy.

oh very nice…any idea which AIT list is he at? I mean which law firm Winkler Partners as I mentioned in my post, towards the bottom of the Alphabetical list.By the way, I just remember that you are in Kaohsiung. Maybe you could update your profile to include that information, that way, people can provide more relevant advice.

Did you get any responses to your request about finding good lawyers in Taiwan? I too need a lawyer, and hope you can share with me, the basics of what you found out. Thanks, John

not really right now I just go by lawyers from AIT list…but they say it’s just lawyer request the website to list them…I think you just talk with people about a good lawyer…I am still try to find a good lawyer myself…what kinda lawyer do you need

here you go this is a pretty good one I think

This is my first time using “Forumosa” so I’m not sure that this is the way to reply to all the 7 or 8 messages that showed up on the site. Anyhow, I hope it is, and if so, thank you guys for your various responses.

I went to AIT today (not having read your messages), and thought that they might have a “legal officer”, who could give advice, while not necessarily taking the case. But, as you guys noted, AIT simply offers a list of attorneys in town (and down-island) who will take on foreigners’ cases, and the list (23 pages) does tell what their specialities are.

For my own situation, fraud (major), I’ll probably try a couple of those listed, and see what happens.