Lithuania urges people to throw away Chinese phones

Interesting BBC story:

Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 10T 5G phone was found to have software that could detect and censor terms including “Free Tibet”, “Long live Taiwan independence” or “democracy movement”, the report said.


Besides being the murder capital of Europe, Lithuania looks like my kind of place.


Good for them! Question is, whats the alternative? Which phones arent made in china currently? Not a rhetorical question.

ASUS (150,000+ month made in India and other models made in Taiwan)


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I just ordered a linen shirt from Lithuania, actually exclusively because I needed something nice to wear and didn’t want it to come from China. Looks like I accomplished my mission x2!

My wife wants us to go to Lithuania for a vacation if/when Covid paranoia ends.

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Hypocritical theatre.
Meanwhile they go CCP with their ‘passes’ unless you adhere to the state’s wishes.

Seriously, do we have to make every thread about how vaccines are supposedly evil? :thinking:


Uhhmmm…much of the world is requiring vaccines to go about daily life now. Looks like this guy, with a pregnant wife on top of everything else, is whining about not being allowed to run around potentially getting the virus and infecting others. “Mah freedum” is not limited to the USA it seems. That’s not government overreach. The government is perfectly within its rights to tell you to get vaccinated or constantly get nasal stabs to show you’re not infected. All you need is a negative PCR test if you want to go about life as normal and don’t want a vaccine in Lithuania. There are plenty of US private corporations that are charging 100s more USD per month for health insurance and even firing workers for not getting the vaccine. They have not gone CCP

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As my mom would say, if someone ate shit, would you eat shit?


Showing that you’re not infected with COVID = go back to normal life. Not wanting to show you’re not infected with COVID or making and effort to not get infected= you can hang out in your house until this pandemic is over. Simple.

How does having a vaccine show you are not infected?

Look at the places that have brought them in. Tell me whether they are back to normal.


It doesn’t. Vaccines do, however, significantly reduce your chance of wasting space and medical resources in the ER if you do become infected. The Southern US is a great example of what happens when you let people have “the freedum” to “do what they think is best for themselves”. If you either need to be vaccinated or show a negative COVID test to go about your life, you reduce the chance of spreading the virus.

Perhaps a better question would be: Is this vaccine passport working in Lithuania? Is life back to normal for people who use common sense? Are the hospitals overwhelmed with delta infections in unvaccinated people? It is beyond selfish to suggest that you deserve to go about unvaccinated and not tested for this virus while the rest of your community is making an effort to stop the spread. The post above is even more ridiculous because the author’s wife is pregnant. He’ll be singing a different tune if he loses his wife and unborn child to COVID.

You want to go about your life, you protect yourself by getting a vaccine or you protect others by getting tested every other day. It’s not complicated.

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That isn’t going about your life. This isn’t back to normal. It definitely isn’t complicated.



Most people using the digital papers are doing so because the think they have to or because it is more hassle not to. Probably around 20% at most think it is to save humanity.
These current digital papers are the gateway to hell on Earth for fake ‘democratic’ countries.

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They said this about the first lock down, the 2nd, the third, etc. I’ve done my part. I’ll just be sitting here eating healthy and hitting the gym. Unless you want to make everyone hit the treadmills and eat kale. It’s pretty evident by now people who end up very sick and die are mostly people that are unhealthy and overweight.

Where does it end?

I’m amazed by your thinking. Just this one last thing the government is asking = back to normal.

You want to put money on it? Your 2 shots won’t be enough :joy:

By all means. Get the vaccine. I support it, I’m not against it. Just don’t fool yourself and try to fool the rest of us that it = getting back to normal. We aren’t dumb.


You could just put your vaccine pass in the bin with your Chinese phone,
i wonder how many conspiracy theorist use Chinese phones?

Norway lifted restrictions after most got vaccinated. They are back to normal.

Some 76% of all Norwegians have now received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while 67% of the population is fully vaccinated, according to the Institute of Public Health.