Litmus test/how to tell a bad school

based on my freaking vast experience. here it goes. you add yours to the list:

  1. racist attitudes/preference for a certain race or ethnicity. may be extended to preferring pure blonde hair blue eyes (ie "true foriegners). avoid.

  2. if you speak chinese, they refuse to answer you in chinese (meaning-i’m better than you). avoid.

  3. want contracts for piece work (short term teaching for very few hours). avoid.

  4. appear to have a giant stick up their ass (lots of pressure to please parents). avoid

  5. pick really boring books and refuse to let you try to suggest a better text . avoid

  6. have a “spy policy”. avoid

  1. Give you an estimate of 30 minutes to an hour of unpaid work for each teaching hour.
  2. Tell you they expect they can give you more hours later, but for now they just have 14 at all different hours of every day of the week…
  3. Don’t mention that their kindergarten is illegal
  4. Have you teach in 4 branches but only obtain one work permit for you.
  5. Want you to give them money for a deposit

I’ve been having interviews for the past 3 weeks. Every single one of those you two have listed off are exactly what I’ve been dealing with.

I can’t stand it!
I’ve gotten the jobs, but I’ve rejected the schools.

  1. Suggests to pay you in cash, thus avoiding bank transfers and tax.
  1. When showing you around their school, they show you the door you use to hide or run when a raid happens.

14.The school deducts 3500 for every sick day but your salary is averages to 2400 a day.

15.You see a half empty bottle of black lable whisky next to the boss’s desk durring the interview.

16.Teachers and students have to provide their own toilettries.

you’re teaching English at a Buxiban. That might be the one place you shouldn’t pratice your basic Chinese

i’m way past basic thank you. and i don’t need to practice. i could stop speaking chinese for ten years and it would never change.

:bravo: but still…you’re teaching English at a Buxiban. Maybe that is not a good place to wow people with your black belt in Chinese.

  1. You walk in with your PIMP cane, your PIMP hat and some hos, and then the Laoban’s all like “Hey! Where my hos at?” and you’re like PIMP SLAP!!! “Shut your damn mouth.”

I hate pimp slapping before lunch.

you are the cat! mo hoes for MTK!

[quote=“R. Daneel Olivaw”]
9. Don’t mention that their kindergarten is illegal[/quote]

They tell you that their kindergarten is legal. No joke, I got an e-mail from my former school, them not knowing it was my e-mail address, and I posed as a newbie to find out what they were offering the new teachers they were attempting to hire. One of the things I asked them about was if it was true that teaching in a kindergarten was illegal. The response? That their kindergarten was legal for foreigners to work in.
Now, having worked there when inspection day meant having a spontaneous field trip and there was a special button under the front desk that could be easily pushed by the secretary’s thigh, unnoticeably, when someone unexpected came to the door (plus frosted glass on the outside of the school and glass blocks and a frosted door that locked from the inside on the other side and an escape door in the back that lead to an alley (which I had to use once while the CTs took over the class and pretended they were the only teachers there) I was a little skeptical in this sudden “change” in the legality.