Little league baseball

I’ll be back in Taipei in a little over a week with my wife and children. My 13 yr old son plays little league baseball in the U.S. but I’ve been unable to find any info on little league for my son to play in. Can anyone help me with where to go to find this information? Thanks.

Baseball is the only major team sport where Taiwan can compete at a world class level, so if you sign him up for local version little league make sure he is pretty skilled and very keen. The kids here practice A LOT more than they do in the West and in the summer it can be 3 to 4 hours a day. Most of the kids who play little league here are also quite good, those who aren’t very good wouldn’t even waste their time.
Baseball is also a very ‘local’ sport, the kids who play often come from lower income families and the local pro ranks are filled with aboriginals. That will make it tough for you to find any information in English and get him started. Use a Chinese friend as a go between, I have lived in Taiwan a long time and wouldn’t have a clue on where to start (though now that I think about it I’d likely call the baseball person at the ministry of sport, when they get queries in English they usually respond straight away).
That being said, if your kid is into baseball and loves the game, Taiwan will be a dream come true, hours upon hours of Asian style reps, if he is just playing because its something to do sign him up for TYPA baseball or softball through Taipei American School, the facilities will be better, the instruction will be in English, the main goal will be fun, but there will be a sharp drop off in talent as it is comprised of mostly ‘soft’ kids of privilege.