Little rain dog needs a home

Just went out for a walk in the rain with my dogs. went out with 4 and came back with 5.

Found the little girl walking around my communtity (mucha near the wang fung hospital) in the rain. it was running after scooters. seemed to be looking for her owner. She is black, small size (about 4kg) but fully grown, i would say about 2. Good tempermant. not too sure about the other dogs or the cat. has something wrong with her eye. and i think she’s had puppies before

i will take her to the vet in the morning and bring her to grandma nitty’s tomorrow afternoon( from 2 - 8pm at the flea market)
5 dogs is too much for this apartment, but i’ll keep her here until i can find her a home or i move.

i’ll look for a chip on her too and take her round to our vets here and the pet store. If any of you live in mucha and know of anyone missing a dog like this let me know.

She has no collar, but is very comfortable around people and went straight to the water bowl.

well behaved so far. not overly dirty or too thin, a few fleas though, i’ve sprayed her.

Well i’ll keep you up dated. If you are interested in adopting her come and see me tomorrow at Nitty’s.