Liu Yifei comes a Hong Kong Police Supporter

I hope you weren’t planning to watch the Mulan remake in 2020 as the lead actress has come out in support of the Hong Kong’s brutal treatment towards their fellow neighbours.

Tell your friends. Boycott this movie. Call Disney and complain. Anything to support Democracy.


is she chinese? i mean no surprises if so…

the mainlanders attitude to this is pretty hard to relate to.

a girl got her eye shot out, people have been beaten and cut by thugs, some horrifically. lots of brutal beatings by the police, arrests ect. and a chinese spy gets tied up in the airport and mainlanders lose their shit about it.

Remember though. Chinese don’t fight Chinese.

yes chinese are all brothers, whether the non mainland chinese like it or not!

Most Chinese don’t have much interest in politics (where’s the incentive) and don’t have access to anything but the state sponsored media, which paints a picture of terrorist students and foreign agitators holding innocent members of the media hostage and humiliating their national symbols. It’s hard to blame most of them for their attitudes.


Something along these lines. Including protestors violently attacking people as they arrive in the airport. Such as the clip at the start where if you look closely you see the protestor kicking a child, punching the guy in the kidneys etc

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even so, even the educated ones who have lived over seas are still against the hong kongers in this one.

imo the mainland chinese are fully in support of invading a free country of free people and taking their rights away, with force and violence. just because they are chinese. i can’t understand why they think they have this right, even with extensive nationlist brainwashing it is pretty messed up.


Remember mainlanders don’t get the privilege of going into HK any time they want. I suspect they’ve been resentful of HK for a while due to how HK is and of course state propaganda on what’s going on.

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The state propaganda didn’t make the ugly scenes in the airport though. Just presented them in a particular light. And such scenes are like gold dust for whipping up support for whatever action.

Yeah, it’s not hard to do. It’s a large protest. A lot happen. Tensions and emotions are wild.

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You can say that again, and its really magnified by the media and internet.

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Idk what the end game for the protesters are though. What can they even hope to do?


You’re making a ton of assumptions and then projecting them onto 1.3 billion people. Most Chinese do not see Hong Kong as a country. They don’t value “freedom” in the sense of democratic involvement in government. They don’t know about any rights being taken away. And they don’t have any involvement with their government, so they don’t see government action as them having a right to do something. Try and put yourself into their environment and culture first if you want to understand them and why they do what they do. It will also help if you ever want to unred-pill them.


That’s what I am wondering too

And in addition HK never had democracy. It was only announced as an asipiration by the British at the same time that they announced that they were handing HK back to China. :roll_eyes:


i don’t think its that restricted seeing as its always packed with mainlanders everytime i’ve been there. same for macau.

i can see that they have resentment towards hong kongers. i just think its ridiculously arrogant for them to be triggered (and publicly show it) by the hong kongers defending their rights. total crabs in a bucket situation.

Yeah after the students and protestors have been brutally beaten and gassed for months, then infiltrated with undercover agents who try to arrest them and also being threatened by the army.

Propaganda and fascist state choosing what to broadcast to the minions and censoring everything else.


So you can show your opinion? But others cant?

you are the one making assumptions about me. i’ve lived there and i’ve known and worked for plenty of chinese people. i understand the situation, i’m just saying… its deeply wrong.

If you know them so well, why are you making so many absurd assumptions?

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if my opinion was to take another country’s freedom away then yea i would keep quiet about it, not expect sympathy.