Live Jazz in Taipei

I tried TU - pretyy awful - smokey and loud and not really jazz.
I tried blue note, music pretty ediocre, but I liked the vibe a bit more.

but does anybody know where I can find GOOD real jazz - not fusion or ersatz latin, but american style JAZZ ??

Help - I need a fix! :frowning:

I missed Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Jazz Orchestra when they last visited (October, I think). Other than that, there’s no “good” jazz, although the local Dizzy Jazz Band (is that the right name?) can sometimes cook – OK, maybe “gentle simmer” is more accurate than “cook” – and they even come quite close to swinging at times. Other than that, you’re pretty much out of luck.

Blue Note has different artists on different days though, doesn’t it? There’s a fairly decent young American tenor sax player plays there sometimes – standards with a big bold Texas sound. Japanese lady on the piano is OK, but the bassist and drummer are wooden and listless, playing everything from sheet music – even their “solos.” :unamused:

Keep your eye on Chung’s “Events Calendar” here at Forumosa for any upcoming shows.

How about the Open Jam on Monday nights in the Riverside Cafe? Does that count as jazz? The guy who played the saxophone, bass, clarinette and something else I don’t remember on the one night that I went was really great. And the others weren’t bad, either. My Dad, the biggest (free-) jazz fan I know, loved it.


Iris, where’s the Riverside cafe?

What’s up with that Seach function? I typed “riverside” and chose “Restaurants, Bars & Clubs” forum, and it didn’t find the thread I was looking for. Here it is:

I think you’ll find anything you want to know in there.


Thanks Iris. Maybe I should look at my own forum occasionally! :blush:

Your link led me to a totally blank page, however.

Ooops. blank page? How come? The link definitely works for me. The thread is called “Riverside Cafe”, and we posted between Sep 11 and Sep 24 last year. It’s three or four pages back from the current page in your forum :wink:

It’s on page four, and there is another jazz thread a few threads down from the Riverside thread.


What happened to Brown Sugar? Was all excited to take my girl there one recent night, found it boarded up. I had never been there before.


BS moved over to the east side of town. Not certain of the address, but I have seen it advertised in a local paper.

I know the guys in the band that play there and the manager… there’re all real nice guys, IMO.

Last night a friend took me to a great place which satistfied my quest quite well. Live, sax-based quartet playing decidedly straight ahead jazz. By the description above, I’d guess the sax player is the same one sighted in blue note before by bohatsivita (I’m sure that’s spelled wrong!). This time, he’s joined by a proper, truly swinging rhythm section featuring double bass and grand piano (no electricity here!). I have to say, these guys really did cook. Haven’t heard this standard of play here before, at least for jazz. Enjoyed myself thoroughly.

BTW, to Tomas, Tigerman is right re BS move. I checked out the new place two weeks ago. For my money the BS house musicians are very solid, probably the best in town. But they really don’t play a true jazz programme now, though they apparently did do in years gone by. Its more Vegas show stuff - mixed R&B, pop, etc, with the odd jazz number now and again. The new location is decorated in full-blown “Mr. Big-Spender” style, and the prices are jacked up to match. I’m sure there’s a good market for that, but I’ve really been hoping to find a not-too-dumpy pure jazz place with music a cut or two above the blue note riverside fare, and was at last delighted with the stuff I heard last night.

Almost certainly going back again tonight.

ooops - forget to say where.

place is called Sonoma Grill. Off the back of the lobby in the Imperial Hotel, which is on Lin Sen N Rd, north of Min Chuan. This hotel is just adjacent to the alley where Tutto Bello sits - which BTW is right up there among the best Italian places in town IMHO.

Sonoma Grill is a fairly attractively fit out place with a grills-and-salad sort of menu. My advice would be to sit at the bar or in the lounge side of the room (away from the dining area) if you are interested in getting into getting into the music. I did not have dinner last night, we went in just for music, which apparently starts around 9:00. But rubber-necking at other diners’ tables, I would say the food looks pretty good, and I will certainly do the whole dinner and music evening sometime soon, when budget allows. (menu looks mid-priced, not ridiculous). Service was friendly, though pretty slow and unprofessional considering the toney look of the place; I guess we get used to that here. But who cares about all that. Tonight I’m just going back for another dose of really good live music.

I asked the band and they said right now they were on thursdays, fridays, saturdays, with hopes to add more as their following grows.

Definitely worth checking out for serious music lovers.

just went to the new location of brown sugar tonight…WOW! its’ BEAUTIFUL! they now have a very classy, plush look to it - fancy, but nice. the food was really yummy too (or maybe cause we were all really hungry!) :wink:

Address: 101 Sungren Road (Warner Village - diagonally across from Neo19 buildling)
Ph: (02)8780-1110

i recommend that you make a reservation…it was fully booked! We liked it so much there that we made another reservation for next week! :slight_smile:

live band starts at 9:30pm…and plays three sets…