Live Latin Music

Anyone know where I can find some live Latin music? Not club Latin but a few guys with guitars, drums and spirit.

I think they still do at Club 75 in Tien Mu.

Exactly Blueface:

Some excellent Paraguayans led by Roberto Zaias (I believe Wednesday through Saturday). Seriously, very very good. Have not been there for a while, perhaps will stop on my way home tonight. (I guess I should not have said this. I will have every liberal wingnut there to assassinate me). haha

Roberto plays at Club 75 on Saturdays and Tito’s band plays Brown Sugar on Sundays. Dancing is on the increase at both places. For information about Salsa dancing and bands, check out cut the rug. Should be some new developments on this front soon.

I went to [color=red]Club 75[/color] this past Saturday nite… :shock: WOW! Some of the women dancing were


The music was pretty good too. :smiley: