Live music cafe/restaurants

Are there any decent live music (preferably jazz) cafes in Taipei or Hsinchu?

Sadly, not really IMO. The better known places I’m familiar with basically have house bands on regular rotation. I’m happy to pay for good music, but cover charges and drink minimums for some of these house bands is silly.

Covid hasn’t helped since it has all but eliminated the ability of good musicians from other countries to come and play gigs here.

I don’t know your definition of decent but there are a lot of live music and jazz places in Taipei you can have multiple choices every night.

Thought there was already a list here. I’ll try and post some later but if you want to check yourself use Facebook Local app.


yes, please

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For jazz: Sappho

For other types of music: Rev Now, Bobwundaye, James Joyce, Revolver

These are all in Taipei. I’m not aware of anything in Hsinchu

Live music in general is really dwindling all around the island lately, especially in terms of actual full bands. DJs, karaoke, and various solo/duos playing to loops or backing tracks are unfortunately more common. The places I listed above are legit, though.

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…For last twenty years it’s been sucking.

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I can’t speak to 20 years ago, but I’ve watched it consistently slide for the last 10.


Naaaah. Not going to name names, but a few of the places you listed are very, very mediocre at best.

By “legit” I mean they all have actual real live bands regularly, which puts them in elite company around here. I’m not saying everyone will like every band. (I certainly don’t, either.) If you have suggestions of places you think are better, I’d love to know!


The National Concert Hall. Taiwan has consistent, reasonably priced, world class classical music. It is a big attraction for me moving back in a few years.