Liver cleanse

Has anybody tried the liver cleanse on ?

What a bunch of crock. Liver cannot be cleansed like that! If you want to keep liver healthy, don’t consume excessive amount of alcohol, don’t get too fat (fat people get fatty liver), don’t get viral hepatitis (eat carefully, safe sex, get immunized), and beyond that, hope you didn’t inherit bad genes. I’ve done about 20 some autopsies early in my medical training, these included MANY gallstones found, and never heard of or seen liver stones even on liver specimen examined under the microscope.

WHAT? You mean the INTARWEB is wrong? You mean drinking Epsom salts and grapefruit juice won’t cure AIDS? I’m shattered! Shattered! :wink:

Oh, pardon me, I did not mean to be such a skeptic. Yes, one can use Epsom salts and grapefruit juice to great effect for one’s health, but most people use it incorrectly. Send me a check and I’ll let you know the right way of using these things-benefit beyond Liver, AIDS. Enhancement of all bodily functions are possible.

I’ve done the liver cleanse twice (not for AIDS though, and I think that part is far-fetched) and it worked. There were pictures on the internet of a bisected gallblader containing hundreds of those green balls. I’ll try to get a link and add it later.

Believe what you will, whatever came out the other end, don’t think the liver is better off after the cleanse than before however. :wink:

Actually, grapefruit juice does have an impact on the liver it inhibits liver function and can lead to overdosing on certain drugs.

Meaning, if you want to get more stoned for longer drink grapefruit juice.

Dilemna Keiththehessite: do you accept the unsubstantiated claims of some hokie company trying to sell pharmaceutical products over the Net and shell out your hard-earned cash for a product that is probably phony and possibly dangerous, or do you accept the medical advice of a bunch of anonymous Netsers? Hmmm. :ponder:

Epson salts, grapefruit juice and olive oil were all the ingredients I needed and it worked twice. My health was better afterwards. I almost never have colds and when I do, they are not as severe as before.

Vitamin C does the trick for me, and it doesn’t involve straining your shit through a colander, although I suppose whether that’s a good thing or not rather depends on the individual.

I did it all in the name of science. No strain no gain!

By the way, are there any other people suffering from hayfever at the moment, or is it just me?

I did a version of the liver flush with orthophosphoric acid and apple juice.

I drank a bunch of apple juice with orthophosphoric acid over a period of 3-5 days. On the evening of the last day, I drank some olive oil. Later that night, I vomited up some olive oil. The following day there were indeed some kind of strange little balls in my feces. I didn’t use a strainer–I could see them as they were.

After this whole ordeal I felt great. I seriously think it helped my memory and alertness. The only side effect was that for a few months afterward, anytime I smelled olive oil I would feel a bit nauseous.

I would consider drinking orthophosphoric acid with apple juice again, but I’ll skip chugging the olive oil.

Liver cleanse so far is applied on the patients with acute liver failure (some particular device still on clinical trial).

As for the other indication or approaches for “flush” liver, no FDA certified or just alternatives or case report, please look before leap. :s

I tried the liver clense with orthophosphoric acid because I heard about it from friends and trusted health practitioners.

The FDA can be really slow in approving good methods and medicine, as well as really fast in pushing through drugs I won’t touch. It’s difficult to know who to trust about medicine.

Everybody’s different. Sometimes people need to learn how to heal themselves.

I agree with you here. Complementary healing modalities focus on maintaining health. I am not anti- western medicine, but I find it most effective in emergency situations. Chronic illness occurs over time and usually into deteriorating situation. Rather than having the condition monitored over the long term by a western care giver, I would rather have complementary care. I prefer not to live in crisis mode, dependent on drugs.

Rather than having the condition monitored over the long term by a western care giver, I would rather have complementary care. I prefer not to live in crisis mode, dependent on drugs.[/quote]

Accelerating the review of drug approve by FDA is always the seminal goal in terms of public health. But on the other hand, more concerns about risk and benefit will emerge, such as the case “vioxx”. What we learned from this issue is likely more mythterious and impenetrable still there for deciphering. :loco: