Liver flushing?

Has anyone ever tried this? Liver flushing.
On the site below, it tells about how there are lots of stone in the liver that can be flushed out. Once it’s out it improves your health dramatically. What do you guys think?

I did it once, many years ago.

For a week I tried to eat as little as possible and drink lots of apple juice. Then on the last day I took a bowl of olive oil.

I had a pretty easy time. No gallstone attacks. Didn’t even pass any hard stones. That’s probably because of my diet. I’m light on meat, eggs and dairy. And I eat little junk food.

I felt pretty good after the flush, but I’ve been too lazy to repeat it since.

You might want to read their faqs on safety and pain relief just in case. If you’ve had gallstone attacks before, you’ll have to be more careful. Maybe spend more days drinking apple juice to soften up the stones.

Other than that I’d say give it a try. It’s surely better to flush them out before they get too big. :slight_smile: