Living in a japanese style room, feedback?

my friends and i looked at a place that has one japanese style room with only rice paper doors. they dont like that so i would have to be the one to live there. i dont know if that will be a problem for me but i’d like to see what other people think.

the main issues is the lack of sound blocking. i havent looked at the place yet, but im hoping today.

anyone lived in these kinds of rooms with roommates? does noise become an issue or privacy?

I’ve never lived in a place constructed like this…But, I did share a suite in a resort that had these features. Only there for 5 days and 4 nights. 3 bedrooms, living room type area and a smallish “kitchen” type area. Two bathroom type areas.
It was me and 2 other guys, we were working there, and after 1 night it sucked. Too noisy. Too noisy. Too noisy.

Definitely a lack of privacy. Its cutesy pooh for maybe a week-end date or something like that;but for actual living…I’m just too ‘western’ for that kind of thing. I don’t even like getting seated at “Japanese-type” tables in restaurants.

thanks, definitely helpful. also anyone know if theres any chance i can get this fixed or have a thicker door installed?

Depends on the landlord, but I would guess probably not. It’s supposed to be a selling point, and would be bloody awkward to store without damage until you moved out. Unless, that is, you were to do it yourself on the sly.

I had some friends who moved into one of those. The landlord had built it on the rooftop. The bathroom was one of those porta-potties. When they were given a second hand fridge as a gift from a relative, they had to put it outside, with a lock.

They shared the rooftop with another illegal room -hard walls, mind you- where a very active couple lived and slept little -if you catch my drift. Which meant background ambiance when you visited…

We had one of those in one of our apartments. It was used for storage. Gets too hot to sleep in it. Nowhere to put stuff. No privacy.

You can’t wear shoes on those tatami mats. The mats also attract fleas, and you can’t spill anything on them either. Especially, beer. Any liquid will warp and discolour them. And they are way expensive to replace. The paper doors will rip easily. I doubt the landlord will let you alter them one iota.

flammable. noisy. impossible to aircondition. floor is not comfy if you can’t sit on your haunches all the time. bright, and no curtains, so you wake up at dawn. no spillage allowed.

ie, don’t do it.

And don’t stick your foot through the door. Expensive to replace the paper.

thanks for replies. based on the word, im not gonna do it.