Living in Hengchun/Kenting

as long as you don’t brand me as PETA.

I live in Hengchun.

Like others have already posted and you already know Kenting street is to be avoided nearly all of the time. The only locals I know who go there go there because they work there, or are visiting somebody working there.

I have two kids, one of which is enrolled at Hengchun Elementary. She’s lived here all her life and therefore started school there. She’s now finishing up 4th grade. She seems to like it for the most part. I’ve not heard her complain about problems being a mixed kid. There have been some minor issues I’ve had with my own opinions about how the school is run (who here hasn’t), but nothing outrageous. I do complain about homework everyday, but as my wife puts it…“she could finish it all in 15-20 mins if she would just sit down and do it”…so not a whole lot (4th grade right).

I think there are plenty of things to do here if you are an outdoor person who doesn’t need or want “city life”. The cycling is great (mountain, or road), hiking is great, swimming is great only during the weekdays when the jetski’s are less likely to be running and the tourists are not at extreme levels, or if you prefer swimming in a pool, the Hengchun public pool near the elementary school is open every day but Wed from 8am till evening (sorry, dont know when they close as I go in the a.m., though I want to say 7 or 8pm summertime). And, though I dont surf, I’ve got plenty of friends who do (Terry being one of them) and they say its good. There is also good diving in the area and of course Orchid Island is but a short ferry ride from HouBihou.

There is a bar called 山羊, which also has a restaurant and on most weekends has live bands. Cover charge of an average of $200 to get in, but you also get a free drink with that. There are also several KTV places from semi-fancy to blue-slippered, binlang chewing, gaoliang drinking establishments :wink:.

There are a couple Realtors in the area, but I woudn’t really recommend them as they are sure to jack the prices up (not because you may be a foreigner, but because its “Kenting” and well, they are greedy). It seems the best way is to just ask tons of people here if they know anybody selling, or renting.

While it does get hot here in summertime, its almost always hotter in Taipei and elsewhere on the island. Add to the fact that its really easy to go somewhere and be surrounded by nature instead of concrete high rises and people swarming like gnats. From mid Oct - March it is quite windy and dry.

We get slammed almost every year at least once by a typhoon, so there’s that.

Closest cinema would be 2 hours away if you care about that.

TaiDong is about 4 hours by car.

Personally, I love it here. I hate the cities in Taiwan

pm me if you have any other questions.


I think Hengchun is very small and quiet and hence cheap to live. I have seen apartments in the area on 591, but obviously there aren’t many. You’ll probably have to keep looking everyday to find one.

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Is there any western guys meet up in hengchun
These days .