Living in Hualien = boring?

Do lives in Hualin dull and boring?

Lives in Hualien do not dull and boring at all!


But I do feel it’s the way it is.

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But l see tons of English-speakers live here Marylyn area.

there is a bbq-beer-bands thing yesterday, tonight and tomorrow at the harbor, near the art gallery.

but yeah, I actually find Hualien more dull than Taitung even though it is more crowded and there are more foreigners and restaurants.

If I was not so busy with my fruit trees and so many projects I would find Hualien a little boring. But the air is fresh…I cannot stand the bad air in so many parts of Taiwan now.

Don’t worry. The constant earthquakes will shake you out of any sense of peaceful boredom!


Are you boring in Hualin?

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It’s so terrifying

Do u have ur own farm?

The defense rests. :sunglasses:

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Ppl in doubt make Hualien boring. Unfortunately, nine of ten Hua residents have self-doubt why they live there.

Hualien is a great weekend getaway a few times a year.

I like Hualien.

I actually hear it’s quite nice (aside from this year’s seismic activity). It has quite a few proponents on this board.

Residents here are less than 10 ,000.

Hualian is boring with occasional bouts of heart stopping terror

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It occurred at 7:57 this morning