Living in I-lan

Can anyone provide any info about what its like living in I-lan? Too much of a culture shock after big city Taipei, quite a groovy little place or somewhere to avoid like the plague?
How about finding English teaching jobs there? Are there Chinese language schools? etc. Any info appreciated.

Haven’t lived there, but visited a few times, and considered moving there. I really like the place. City is split in two. There’s Ilan proper and then about 15 minutes away there’s Luo Dong. Luo Dong is nicer and has more interesting stuff around, so I’d live somewhere there (or Wu Jie, Er Jie or somewhere) if I was you. Both Ilan and Luo Dong are only about 1 1/2 hours (maybe less if you get the right express train) from Taipei if you need to go into the big city for things anyway. You’ll absolutely definitely need a scooter or car, and then you’ll be able to easily travel to loads of great places from Ilan.



Ilan has been rated, within Taiwan, the best county to live years in a row, in fact, the original city planner for Ilan (Japanese architect) ended up living and staying in Ilan. You’ll also be glad to find out that the mayors don’t want the cities to develop further, I was here 15 yrs ago and coming back both Luodong and Ilan pretty much stayed the same w/o excessive urban development. Like Sir Donald Bradman said, you need a form of transportation like car or scooter, and I’m sure there’re English craming schools around. It’s the part of Taiwan where I’d go for a break (I get sick of the pollution of Taipei) just to get some fresh air (including Fulong) for a day.

hey what’s up all…

i just arrived in taiwan and am thinking of travelling up to yi-lan to go job-hunting and sight-seeing. i wonder if there’s a cheap place to stay up there and when exactly would be good to go door knocking.


In my opinion
There are some cram school in Yilan
Maybe you can teach English as a cram school teacher
Well… people in Yilan are very different from those in Taipei

By the way …
I am a person who live in Yilan and speak English badly …
ha ha… = =