Living in Taidong/Taitung

We got our first real taste of civilization. Now we can even buy sour cream!

Wow. I havent been to Taitung , except for that one time only back in 93 i think. IT sure was a small one ox town then. Cept the Chipen hotel just out of town was fabulous.

Hello all, i’m currently searching for a compromise in my relocation Taiwan. Originally, I thought i’d try coming to Taidong because it is fairly unpopulated, undeveloped, and importantly, on the ‘clean’ side of the country as far as the ocean is concerned. I’ve been convinced i’m going to spend all my money job searching there and have decided to start out elsewhere. I hate the sound of Taipei. Nightlife and western food are at the absolute bottom of my list of important things. Local culture and beautiful countryside and clean ocean not terribly far away are at the top. Please mention why a place sounds like i’d like it instead of just naming a city so i’ll have something to go on, thanks!

Based on your information, I think then your best choice would either be PinTung or Kaohsiung. PingTung and the surrounding towns are fairly slow and sedate, but there are still work opportunities. Kaohsiung has developed from a very dirty city to a pretty modern, good looking clean city which in my view is at least 50 times better than dreadful, dull Taipei.
Both have nice weather and are close to mountains and fairly clean sea, and are about 3 hours by train to TaiDong - an advantage if you still want to look for work there in the future - a stepping stone if you like.

Hualien may also be considered, but after a while, I find I run out of things to do there - it’s fairly isolated.

Strider, you’ll get a more focused response by sticking to just [url= thread on this topic[/url].

I find Taiwan to be too crowded and noisy. In a few days time, I am planning to travel down all the way to hualian or taidong and find a rather deserted farm house or bungalow to live in.

Anyone with any tips for finding such a deserted farm house or bungalow? Not too far from the telephone exchanges please as I still need internet access.

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there’s not that much around Hualien City in the way of deserted. Rather plenty of new-builds as all the vegetable fields gradually disappear.
If it were me, I’d go stay in Dulan for a while and ask around - there are more options down there.


I had a friend who taught in De Wu elementary school. It’s a tiny village with one school, about 10 to 15 students per grade, mostly aboriginals. I visited there a few years ago… so peaceful!!!

ask the old ladies int eh middle of the day. the ones parked half onto the road chatting to their friend outside the house…this way you might even get a guided tour :slight_smile: thats how we always foudn hours, and its a great system for finding house owners that want to rent out their house.

I think I have to change plans and stick around this neck of the woods (Xinbei city) … :ponder: … 2003515867

Distribution isn’t just about money and quality, though those are certainly factors. It’s about location, too. People in the boondocks have to travel farther to reach health care – often far enough that a trip would entail taking time off from work, which tends to discourage people from seeking health care as early and as frequently as those in more urban areas.

But anyone who would retire to a place far from health care just isn’t thinking practically. That doesn’t mean don’t spend your retirement in Taidong or Hualian – just find a beautiful spot there relatively near to a hospital, because when you’re older you will need it more than when you’re younger.

Is it because they have nothing to do and drink heavily? Spend sometime in Taidong and you’ll know what I mean. Plus, there is a certain demographic over there that “may” be skewing the results.

Sounds a lot like US as well.

I have just retired.

For the time being Taipei can do. But some years later we have to watch the money.

Would Tai Tung be a place to survive?

Any comments about rental, restaurant, bars, English speaking community?

Love to hear from you.

Come and check it out, then decide.

Prolly the smallest Anlgophone community for a city of its size in the 'wan. You’ll need two homes. Taidong in the winter, north side of Yangmingshan in the summer, by a stream deep in a valley in a shaded grove.

Hey, our community may be small, but at least we say hello and greet each other. Also, if we see a for. down the street, we don’t cross the street to avoid them.

Taidong is a nice place to live. It is still cheaper than the big city, but prices are rising fast in the country areas, as rich Taipei folks are buying it up for ming shu’s and country homes. Luye and Dulan are becoming very popular.

The weather is also pretty nice here, except for this year, there was more rain this winter than the entire 10 years I have been here. La nina :raspberry:

You also might even get to meet the infamous Guy in Taiwan :slight_smile:

Hi all

Few questions if any one living in Taitung . We are in Taichung . But looking at moving to Taitung for cleaner air quality. I don’t need a job in Taitung . I all ready have a job over seas.

I know … may to September the humidity is high
But is it any worse then say Taichung.

Allso any nice beaches .

Post up with any info please .


Taichung has probably the best weather in all of Taiwan; Winters aren’t very cold, Summers aren’t too hot and rain is moderate/low. Any other region of Taiwan leans more towards one extreme or the other, so it depends on what you can find more tolerable.

Nice beaches in Taidung…I’ve only been there twice and I can’t remember any ugly one, if you enjoy splashing around the East coast is pretty amazing. Some areas have sand, others have pebbles, others have rocks (the latter are great for diving).