Living in Taidong/Taitung


Thanks . For the info .

We could move to nantou . Out of Taichung .

But air seems much better in Taitung


Yes, Taitung can have hot summers, especially the “hot winds” that occassionaly occur. CWB website has a description of it - see “a.” in link below.

Special weather phenomena in Taiwan

Other than that, Taitung’s air is cleaner than other counties.

Beaches everywhere in Taitung as IbisWtF noted.

What areas of Taitung have you researched to live?
Coast, mountains, Rift Valley…?
Ever visited Taitung?


Iv only been to Taitung once for few hours .

So no nothing really . Is there any cheap land in Taitung .


Yes there is cheap land, depends on where you want to live. The more expensive land is anywhere on the coast from Taitung City up to ChengGung on route 11.

What is your budget?


I’d like to spend $50 to 100 k Australia dollars

2000 to 2500 sq meters

Want to build race track


The high side of your budget could get you a decent plot of land.
Perhaps consider the Rift Valley if you want to build a race track. More likely to get people to the track easily as the whole valley has the now-electrified railway running north/south through it.

Guessing your missus is Taiwanese?
If so, she can start surfing real estate websites in Chinese for land to give you an idea of the prices.