Living in Taiwan vs. Living in China



You are certainly mature for your age group, knowing that about Germany and using that phrase


I stayed in Shanghai for a a short period. I have to say, it is fun. Although I’m not sure how I’d feel about living there for an extended period. I was considerably more naive then, too.
China is such a huge and varied place you’ll always have something new to discover.
But you need to weight it up against the higher risk of death in traffic, shortened life span from the pollution, petty crime and scams

Also, I thought Qingdao was rather pretty

Say what?

But you don’t if you bugger off after graduating :wink:


yea its a thing. i bought some street food when i was there and just stood at the vendor( i think they told us to) and ate it instead of strolling around as i would normally do in taiwan. weird. not sure if its to not make mess or some cultural thing or what.


Actually here’s a suggestion: go on an exchange or summer program in china while you’re in uni and see what you think of it. Then, assuming you’re not a Taiwanese citizen apply for the Huayu enrichment scholarship for once you’ve graduated, and that way you can experience both for yourself without any long-term commitments and make a decision.

Well I’ve definitely been guilty of this :sweat_smile: I’m pretty sure I remember an old guy staring me down


Worry about college first. Go to college in the US. Its generally better and much higher rated.

US higher education is generally much more expensive and losing prestige FAST!


My sentiments too - i like Qingdao and Dalian, very clean refreshing coastal cities away from the intense pollution inland.


Beijing is not nice if you don’t speak Chinese. People don’t want to help you. And taxis often refuse to drive foreigners in my experience.

I also had my bike stolen 2x. I got a decent bike because I’m a big dude and had to bike a lot without a car. Immediately stolen in a few days. I just ended up buying some rusty old bike and made it dirty looking to avoid it getting stolen again. People are so mean in Beijing. Soooo rude. The food is disgusting. Idk why but they try to make Taiwanese food there and it’s like the most disgusting thing ever.


I actually remember having some pretty OK food in Beijing…when it didn’t make me violently ill, at least. Sanitation there was truly scary.


Everything you eat is a risk. Even at nice restaurants. There’s no guarantee. I lost maybe 10kgs or more there. I eat a lot and often. So the fact that I couldn’t just eat anything I wanted when I was hungry was not nice.

I would not live there. I was in the rings there and wasn’t that impressed. The school took us to their palace museum and I had to chuckle at most of the items being pictures of things in Taiwan or replicas. The others were trash the kmt left.

I would encourage the OP to visit China before deciding to move there. It’s not for everyone. I would say it’s probably a significantly harder transition than Taiwan in general. Winters are very harsh there as well in many places.


this is completely untrue (in terms of losing prestige). US universities in every rankings list dominate the top 100 and no one else is even close. (UK’s times higher edu, despite being pretty biased for UK schools, still has the US at over 40% of the top 100 and china’s shanghai jiaotong wru has 46 US schools in the top 100). these are 2019 results! the difference at the graduate school level (which imo is more important) is even more pronounced.

unless OP can go to a c9 or taida, he will be much much better served getting his edu in the states. hell, even if he can make those, he should still do it in the states (cuz this would imply he could make a University of California school, perdue, cmu, usc, uta, that tier of university or above).


Taida would probably work for Taiwan. I don’t see anywhere else caring that you went to taida. You’d probably make a better impression with any decent US uni than Taida if you’re not in Taiwan.