Living in Taiwan vs. Singapore - an interesting video



So the awful smoke from fires in Sumatra is a thing of the past?


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Well, during my 9 years there the air was clean except for 3 weeks when the air from the fires in Indonesia was absolutely terrible. Bad. Bad. Bad. I will never forget that air.

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Winters in Taiwan are splendid. That’s the best time to visit Taiwan. DAHEQ you guys are talking about.

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Except for the possibility of endless drizzle for weeks and even months with rarely a stop. The constant grey overcast skies and the night coming at 5pm.

It hasn’t been like that for a few years at least.


I have been living in Singapore for several years, I arrived here when I was a bit older than 20 and I am now basically 30.
A couple of informations on myself: I am originally from Europe, from a small town between Portugal and Spain. I have never been here on an expat package, but I managed to change job 3 times.
I do not have any crazily good skills, but I am a decent Technical Sales.

The things I like of Singapore are mainly that:

  • Despite what people think, even without expat package there are still jobs where you can easily make 10-15,000USD/month with an extremely low tax rate.
    I am a single person, and this allows me to save a lot.
    I have a salary in that range, and until last year, despite buying myself nice clothes/accessories, doing 2 travels to Europe a year plus 4-5 six regional travels, I could put aside almost 40,000USD yearly.
    And I live in a Condo, not in an HDB.

  • Jobs are not widely available as it used to be, and hiring a foreigner is definitely difficult, more than before.
    However, if the MNC - XYZ Inc. wants to open a regional hub (APAC/APJ), all the good positions will be in Singapore. So some-how all the good job ends up in here, still.

  • English is widely spoken.
    I have a basic mandarin (around HSK2-HSK3) and this is more than enough for the 99% of my encounters.
    English is also the business language.

  • The position is good: you can travel easily to the majority of the places in Asia with low $$$$ and live quite well since your salary is easily 3-4-5 times the average.

  • Food is good, weather is not so bad as people say, and honestly speaking the city urban planning is top of the world.

However, I do not see how people can compare the two (Taiwan and Singapore) from a quality of living perspective.
Even let’s assume Taipei vs Singapore, which is maybe a more idea comparison.
In Singapore life is extremely flat and dull, simply for a reason: there is NOTHING to do.
You have a couple of pathetic fake hiking trails, a fake beach/island, shopping malls, bars and clubs.
That’s it.

With the pandemic the life has been even more dull, and we are left with: having a walk (and if there are too many people no park/hiking trail/beach), going to a mall if there are not many people to get in, and hoping there are no queues to enter the store, going to a restaurant. They close at 10.30.


Lucky you


For me now is lucky who can go for a drink after 10.30PM without having to break the law.
Be able to leave this Island to go see my family would be another plus point - without having to beg the government to allow me to fly back - despite I have a long term visa, an house and pay taxes in here.

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I spent my 20s and 30s largely scraping by. Singapore was the right choice .We can fly in and out of Taiwan but with quarantines it’s kind of a moot point . I won’t be going back to see my family till next year . But I have enjoyed my summer with some awesome trips here.

Don’t like Singapore (to live), but then don’t like HK or Taipei- basically don’t like cities, so Taiwan outside of Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung (though enjoyed Kaohsiung when I lived there for a couple of years, but that was 30 years ago, I was younger, and drunk most of the time).


i think you mean fun perspective. from a quality of living standard taiwan isn’t on the level of singapore.

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No drizzle in Taipei in winter ? That’s different !!

Average restaurant is Taiwan closed much earlier than 10:30pm many local ones by 8pm. Bars like everywhere open late and selected restaurants open late but on average Taiwan eateries close earlier than S’por.