Living near European school

Hi everyone,

Anyone has tips for living accommodations near TES? Preferably with a garden since besides two little children, we also have a dog.

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You want a garden? Move to Africa or Amerika. The closest you’ll get in Taipei is living in the hills of Xindian with the hippies, and that will be a tiny patch of dry grass.


Some service apartments have little community gardens, but it’s another question if they will let the dogs roam there.

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Taiwanese often use rooftops to lets their dogs off the leash. Not as nice, but at least the dogs can look around and pee on some potted plants. We try to bring ours to the dog park when we can.


OP, it depends on your budget. If you are earning big, you could find a place that has a reasonable garden. They are few and far between, though, and will cost you upwards of 100k/month in Taipei. Probably more. If you’re financially not around there, prepare for thrice daily walkies.

Closest affordable would be Zhongshan road section 7. Houses or townhouses with garden.

But Tianmu has plenty of parks, doggie won’t be deprived in an apartment. Affordable housing also available around Takashimaya. Older apartments though.

We Xindian hippies live too far away, poor kid would have to wake at 5 am and travel and hour.

I have also been looking for the same thing for the same reasons. My dog needs a patch of grass.

There are places and you don’t have to spend over $100K, but they’re rare and only in certain areas. There are some apartments on the first floor with a small courtyard, all too often its all tile but sometimes just sometimes they have grass. I’ve found this is in parts of Neihu, Beitou and Tianmu. In Tianmu the further up the mountain and away from the MRT, you can find some. Go to the main real estate site and search for 大庭院。

Here’s one 3 min walk to TES. Only 34 ping but 3 bedrooms and access to a big patch of grass for the dog.

Otherwise just pick a place near a park to walk the dog. Or spend way over $100K and get a house on Yangming mountain.

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