Living near Yuanshan MRT or Linguang MRT? Need advice

Hi everyone, I’m moving to Taipei for work and was given 2 options to choose where I can live; I can either stay near Yuanshan MRT or Linguang MRT and I am looking for advice on which area is better to live and the pros/cons of each location. My office is between the two locations near Zhongxiao so it looks like it will take the same time between either one. I tried doing some research on Google Maps but the two areas look quite similar to me. Please share your thoughts and advice on the two locations if you can, thank you.

Both are good options but Linguang is better for transport to Zhongxiao since the brown line hits Zhongxiao/Fuxing. I’ve lived at Linguang and liked it. Lots of new eateries and cafes, close to Maokong and the zoo/gondola. Yuanshan you have the whole expo site but that’s about all. Although for cycling you have direct access to the riverside.

Yuanshan will give you good access to bike paths (as mentioned by Bear) as well as Tienmu to the north or Taipei Main Station to the south, should these things be important to you. I personally find Zhongshan North Road (the main north-south axis connecting Yuanshan to the city) to be lovely, but that’s just my preference.

Will you be alone, or moving with a family? What’s important to you? If you provide more details, perhaps we can help in more specific ways.


Yuanshan. Better access to everything including MRT lines.

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Where on Zhongshiao is your office? North? South? Which section?

It is a bit weird to choose between those stations, as there is a huge distance between them, like 10 stations in between. Any partricular reason to pick those two?

If OP office is Zhongxiao-Fuxing I’d still go Linguang. Direct MRT always wins.

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That is why I am scratching my head. How does Yuanshan connect to Zhongshiao?

Thank you for the replies. I’ll be living alone and my office will be near Zhongxiao Xinshen, (between Zhongxiao Xinshen MRT and Shandao Temple) which looks to me like the same number of MRT stations away from either area.

That´s blue line MRT, which is congested to the n power -I know, I work close to Shantao. Transfer at Zhonshiao Fuxing is… challenging to your patience. Transfer at Zhongshiao Xinsheng is challenging … to your health.

MMm, we need some thinking about this…

Edit: Yuanshan is red line, Linguang is brown. they all connect anyways.

Zhongshiao Fuxing at rush hour is horrid.

The commute would be easy from Yuanshan if the OP walked or youbiked to Minquan West Road Station (it’s not that far down the street from Yuanshan) and took the Orange Line direct to Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station. That’s how I would do it.

One downside I would add about Yuanshan is this: it is close to the flight path of aircraft coming in to Songshan Airport, Taipei’s secondary/urban airport. So if flight noise is something you can’t abide, that would be something to consider.



Everything eventually connects.

I would personally pick Yuan Shan. I like that there’s a park there, not too far from shopping area in the means of Zhong Shan and of course the riverside for leisure activities.

It’s also closer to Yang Ming Shan which I prefer over Maokong.

One positive side of Linguang is the nearby hills, which offer hiking (literally in your backyard) and biking on a mountain road that goes up to an elevation of about 200 meters. Hiking and biking are two of the well kept secrets of Taipei if you’re into those activities. Linguang also has more of a residential feel compared to Yuanshan, which is more blue collar in comparison, and that means you’ll hear more Mandarin spoken in Linguang and more Taiwanese in Yuanshan. Finally, Linguang is closer to the East Side and Xinyi district where things are happening. I’d pick Linguang no question. There’s just one thing to be aware of, Linguang is on the brown line, which has low capacity trains, meaning you’ll likely be riding in crowded cars during rush hour.

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yea its directly in the flight path and the planes are low down and noisy there.

Probably Yuanshan because that transfer to the blue line (coming from Linguang in the morning and then having to go west) is overcrowded with not much space.

Yuanshan is a center of all kinds of day time, night time, weekend, activities. Museums and restaurants and access to north and south Taipei and so many other things.

On the other hand many people never even see Linguang in their entire life in Taiwan except maybe going to a graveyard or just driving through on their way too Muzha.

both are great. i would pick yuanshan because its closer to north taipei, which is a great area. and its pretty close to some nice river parks, decent normal parks and a lot of nice areas. although the living area might not be great and yeah, planes.

Guys shouldn´t we be recomending something a little closer to his workplace, like Dongmen or Zhongshan?

If he´s gonna be in Yuanshan, better go all the way to Tianmu and get a better quality of living. he can get off at Taipei Main and walk/bike/take the blue line/take a bus to hsi workplace. And it is just one MRT ride, no transfer.

If he´s looking at Lingguang, better choose something closer on teh yellow line, like Somgjiang Nanjing to Xintien Temple. That area has lots of entertainment, cinemas, restaurants, housing is not that pricey.

I mean, in terms of money, he is not saving that much at eitehr Yuanshan or Lingguang, and getting alot of aggravation with transfers and distance. Unless he has family/friends/gf over there, why not closer to work and better quality of life? Anything around Daan would be even a bike ride away. Heck, even CKS.


Yeah, pretty much why I’d go Linguang. It’s got much more going for it long term and there’s lots of longtermers living there and around Liuzhangli.

My guess is that housing is being provided and these are the choices.