Living & working in Taiwan (heeelp)

I am considering moving to Taiwan (for 6 months to a year initially) and would like some advice on a few things.

I co-own a graphic design & web development company (in New Zealand) and would continue to work with this company while in Taiwan. The money I get from this will be enough to support me, but ideally I’d like to get Taiwanese work and clients too. Is this allowed? I’m guessing since my company would be in competition with local companies that it wouldn’t be, so is there a way I can contract work through those local companies? What sort of Visa would I need to get? Will I need X amount of money in my bank account?

Why am I choosing to move to Taiwan? Well, I like it a lot and I’m keen to throw myself into a challenging environment … but one of the main reasons is so I can be with my girlfriend who lives there.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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