Liyu Tan: lake near Hualien

Well, when I say “near” that’s the reason for the post!! Is it?
Roughly how far is it from Hualien to Liyu Tan (鯉魚潭)?
Looking at staying at a decent hotel in Hualien but need to be at the lake for the start of a triathlon on 20 May. Feasible?

Hi CJ,
I live in Hualien and work in Li Yu Lake. It takes me roughly 25 minutes to get to work by scooter. An easy run. When I take the bus on occasion, it’s 40 minutes from the bus depot to the park entrance. 49 NTD each way. There is a new guest house located there now as well, although I know nothing about it. If you like, I can see what I can find out about it for you.

There’s a triathlon in/around the lake on 20 May. I’m heading down there to do it, but will have my wife and 2-yr old with me. I thought we’d stay at a nice hotel in Hualian, maybe the Bellavsita or the Parkview, and so wondered how long it might take to get from the hotel to the lake. You’ve answered that - thanks.
What about the hotels? Any thoughts on either would be most appreciated.