Lizards and other endemic species in Taiwan

Recently during hikes I

This not so little fellow - about my shoe size- followed Bobby and me a bit during our morning hike.


Ha! I know that type of lizard. I can remind a bit of a baby iguana.

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Yeah I thought it was an inguana but we had mentioned before this kind of lighting lizard.

Hate to leave us hanging

That is of course a Swinhoe’s japalura.


So did we see a male or female specimen?

no idea…

One more fellow walking with us in the park.

BTW I saw someone carrying a similar one but iguana size and all yellow at market today.


A bit more colorful than the usual …


Gekko eggs in my underpants!? I’m one of Lizard People now.

Old worn pair I chucked on the top bathroom shelf for future use as a cleaning cloth, Been there a long time.

Spilled coffee on the way out to class, grabbed the pants, and a couple of THINGS fell out. The less smashed one was a little white ball perhaps half the size of a pea, which burst on the toilet seat. The other one I stepped on so it was jusr a reddish stain. Gekko eggs is my best guess.

Do Gekko mind their eggs, like alligators? He/she/they have been vocalising from up there lately (I usually reply) . but seem to have stopped now

No they don’t. They are very much set and forget.

They might hang out in the same place catching insects later but there is no guarding of eggs.

Toad (Bufo bankorensis?) sitting on a sock behind the spin dryer. Habitat loss? What habitat loss?

Its lucky it moved because its pretty dark back there (flash photo) and I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

I usually do an in situ rinse with scalding water, which often stirs up a cloud of mosquitos in the daytime. Discharge pipe is lower right so hot sock.

Looks like it to me.