LLL Pizza in Taoyuan District

A couple evenings ago, I took a slightly different route to get home, and discovered a pizza restaurant. While I did not stop in to try it, there were a half dozen foreigners inside who seemed quite happy with the food. Even without the foreigners inside, the place looked attractive, clean, and inviting.

Even though the English name is ‘LLL’ Pizzeria, the sign is actually ‘angle angle angle’ Pizza. Sorry. I don’t know the acsii key to get the shape I want to reproduce. The Chinese is 參角披薩坊 https://www.facebook.com/LLLpizzeria/

Has anyone here tried it? Impressions?

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” U+2220 Angle Unicode Character.

Unicode Version: 1.1 (June 1993)

Category: Math Symbol (Sm)

Name: Angle

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I didn’t try it, but if you want a real Italian pizza in Taoyuan you should try Luigi’s pizza, https://m.facebook.com/LuYiJiDeJia/
(tip from an Italian guy)


Now that you mentioned it, I recall seeing the sign a couple weeks ago while we were doing the river bike path walk with my in-laws. I’ll give it a try - probably after CNY.

Yes is that one.There is an Italian pizza man working inside so you can not mistake :slight_smile:

The dough looks good but the toppings look like they miss the mark… which i found seems to be the case with most taiwanese pizza places. But if the locals dig it what can you do?

Stephens pizza in Guishan is good too.
LLL is not open Weds.

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I saw a Chorizo Pizza on the menu, I wanted to try it and wondered did you try it? (Stephens pizza )

If you are talking about Stephens I can’t remember how it was. Most of his pizzas are good especially when he is working which is most of the time.

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