Lo Carb beer

Can somebody please help. I have searched several supermarkets in Taichung for Lo Carb beer but without success.
If anybody knows where I might find some, it would be much appreciated.

Mitsukoshi supermarkets usually have them.

Is that for diabetics ?

The webernet interweb has everything.


Thanks, I’ll check them out.

Not diabetic yet, but need to watch carbs.

Try whisky. Much fewer carbs for the same kick!

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heineken light in 7-11 ?

According to my google research alcohol consumption has no known link to diabetes

Yes, that will probably be my plan B if I cant find any Lo Carb beer.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting information online about the effects of alcohol on blood sugar levels. So much so that I thought it best to simply follow my doctors advice and try to minimise sugar and starch…hence the search for Lo Carb beer.
The suggestion to switch to whisky make a lot of sense health wise, but I much a prefer nice cold beer in the hot weather.

Yeah nothing like a good cold beer unfortunately they are not the most efficient kilojule wise, nor cost wise, which is why I’m mainly consuming boxed wine as it is yeah

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Water is the best!

This one is not bad.


Ah can’t drown the sorrows with water though can you
well I guess you can but

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I fortunately have a numbing/unresponsive gene that helps me to block out/withdraw from unnecessary sorrows, confrontations, etc. Thus I don’t drink plus dislike the taste of alcohol.

Not according to W C Fields.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.
My favourite lo carb beer back home (Oz) is Hahn Super.
If anybody spots it here, I would love to know where.