Lo Fu-chu Rides Again!

The Godfather of Parliament, the Sultan of Swat, the Emeritus of Embezzlement, the Viceroy of, er…Vice Lo Fu-chu has announced that he’s is tanned, rested and considering another run in this year’s legislative elections! What are the odds he’ll make it?
Old Lo is considering a swing at Taipei City’s southern district if the central Election Commision lets him, or perhaps a stab at a Taipei county seat.

TVBS has a short blurb here:

tvbs.com.tw/NEWS/NEWS_LIST.a … 0803192330

For those who don’t know who Lo is, he’s a former independent lawmaker with “alleged ties” to the underworld as well as an erstwhile member of the ironically-named “Justice League”, a caucus set up just for gangster-lawmakers. After being brought up on charges of fraud he fled to Hong Kong “on business” before eventually coming back to Taiwan (I guess the charges didn’t stick). The avuncular Lo is also the lawmaker who publicly administered a savage beat-down to PFP hack legislator/crusader-for-the-people Diane Lee (Li Qing-an) on the legislature floor after she called him a gangster (gasp!) and threw water at him (horrors!).

If he does get in again, I look forward to what will certainly be a thrilling Texas Cage Grudge Match between the two. Diane Lee has been laying low since she wrongly accused Minister of Health Tuu Shing-jer of licking another man’s ear at a KTV (I mean…who hasn’t?) and imploded in a public fit of tears. Tuu had to resign despite the fact he wasn’t even there (it was another guy surnamed Tu…what are the chances?) and the “witness” publicly recanted his story. Lee, who was once considered a rising star in the PFP, must be hungry for the spotlight, and a rematch with Lo would be a sure-fire way to win her sympathy with the public.

I’m putting money on Lo to win by no sooner than the 4th round (after all he’s getting up there in years, and by all accounts Lee has been doing windsprints up the CKS Memorial steps and chasing chickens in alleys), but will eventually come out on top of Lee’s glass of water with his superior left hook.

I have the feeling that only a hail of bullets would keep this dirtbag out of the LY. One can always hope.


Your facts on former director-general of the department of health Twu are woefully inadequate, and not just your spelling of his name. Twu Shiing-jer, under intense pressure to resign after the SARS outbreaks, did so on Friday, May 16, 2003. He was blamed for not getting the disease control and containment mechanisms to work properly.
The Twu/Tu fiasco happened while Twu was acting director-general of the Department of Health back in October 3, 2002 when the story broke the English press:
Here is the followup story:
They don’t call you “cainiao” for nothing. From now on, and especailly since you appear to be hailing from the safe haven of DC, I suggest you check your facts … or come join us here on the battlefield and we’ll see how you fare.

Thanks for the heads up! I’m gettin’ a BIG bag of popcorn for this one!

Thanks for the heads up, Quirky…it appears the facts are a bit dfferent than I remember them. I also wan’t aware active posters had to currently live in Taiwan. Must have missed the fine print on that.

HOWEVER! The question still stands: Will Diane Lee pick another fight with Lo (if he does indeed get elected) to stage a comeback?

BotelTobago: You should write a column for the newspapers man !!! Your prose really flows …

Perhaps a Celebrity Death Match would be more entertaining?