Local gods ride motorcycles in World Games opening ceremony

So, it’s the opening ceremony of the World Games, and right after the dancing aborigines, a bunch of motorcycles driven by men in “7th Lord” (he’s the short one, right?) costumes zoom out. Taller gods then emerge and dance to a disco beat.

These are the same giant puppets normally seen in street parades. The men who wear them are customarily deemed really to have become the god in question (in the same way, I suppose, that the communion elements really become the body and blood of Christ). So…is it disrespectful to take a sacred custom, and package it as mass entertainment? (I am told that similar shows have been performed for several other events.) Of course, the same complaint could be made of the aboriginal dances…

I eagerly await the London Olympics where, presumably, the organizers will fill the stadium with hundreds of Anglican vicars who will perform mass to disco music. And right as they elevate the host, some celebrity ought to burst out from behind the cross and zoom over the altar on a motorcycle.

Later on, the music portion included two Christian songs–I wonder how this was decided. (It’s entirely possible that the organizers didn’t know or care.)

Oh well, it’s better than watching say, a bunch of people dressed as computers whirl around on roller-skates. A salute to strippers and bin-lang girls would have been a nice touch!