Local & Int'l Schools and Homeschooling

Several posts have addressed the question of education in Taiwan.

For international schools, a good list can be found at:
www.shambles.net sit itself is also interesting.

For local schools, this website is good for finding public and private local schools in your area: tp.edu.tw/english/eschool_index.jsp

The link for Shilin in particular is: tp.edu.tw/english/eschool_shilin.jsp

Also, check out information on a bilingual elementary school in Nankang at sinica.edu.tw/~hro/IS/education.html – this site also has a lot of other information related to living in Taiwan if you click on the bar at the top.

Note also that Xihu Elementary (in Western Nei-hu) also has a bilingual program. hhups.tp.edu.tw/index2/01.html (although they don’t clearly say this on their English website – you can call and ask them about the program.)
My limited understanding of these two programs is that the children are education in English for English, Math and Science, but hang out with Chinese kids for PE and art, etc. There may also be restrictions on who can attend these programs (i.e. children of scientists, or children of people working in science parks), but then again, I have heard that there may be flexibility.

In Hsichih, Dong Shan Elementary has a handful native English speakers enrolled. The advantage of the school really is its small size (100+ kids) and idyllic locale (read: very far from most anywhere) – this gives it flexibility most larger schools don’t have. The website is: dsps.tpc.edu.tw/ (but it’s not very informative).

For homeschooling, you can find a lot of information at The Well-Trained Mind website www.sonlight.com. It is worth the money to pay for airmail (even though seamail is free). It is incredibly fast and customer-service (and support – they have an active BBS for homeschoolers and people who respond by e-mail to curriculum questions).

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the links Anchor - very useful.

Hi !

Me and my wife are going for relocation in Xhinshou for 1 year. We are from Israel. My daughter is Canadien . My question is - what is the possible impacts ( or advantages :slight_smile: to move her to here with us from Canada.
She is going to 11th class this year.

Any information will be HIGHLY welcomed ! We have to make desicion ASAP! :rainbow: