Local Leaving a Job

My wife is thinking of leaving her job after 5 + years of working there.

SHe has no contract. WHat is the requiremnt for notice? Penalties etc?

She would like to begin work next week and give notice THis friday.

THe job is worth it as she would earn considerably more than she does now. But we are afraid she’ll get sued or penalized too much. I say screw the money she’ll make it back in six months at the new job.



She needs to be give her notice 30 days in advance. So far I understand the Labor Standards Law, there are no penalties BUT if you leave earlier than your notice period, you are in breach of your contract (even if you have nothing in written, a contract can be oral or de facto, means if you have been working for 5 years, you have an employment relationship). That means, if there are any penalty provision in the contract, they will apply. And I am sure that they will keep at least her last sallary.

Best thing to do is, give a written notice and leave after 30 days. Maybe she can persuade her employer to sign a release paper without notice period.