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Does anyone know of any cheap and good moving company or person? I had a moving dude once named Mr. chang but I lost his number…

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Does anyone know of any cheap and good moving company or person? I had a moving dude once named Mr. chang but I lost his number…
[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/moving-soon-call-steven-the-mover/129/1 the Mover comes highly recommended[/url]. :thumbsup:

You mean Steve Chiang who has a banner on here? I don’t have it on my person, but if you refresh this page a few times, I’m sure you’ll see it.

Original Title: Moving? You can call this guy too.

A previous post by Josefus recommended this guy as reliable and cheaper than another better known mover operating in Taipei.

I second Josefus’s opinion. I moved a few weeks ago and used this “other” guy, Mr. Zhang (I’m nearly sure) and he was great. His truck is a bit small though. He charges less than the regular rates for locals and foreigners alike. I think he charges what he deems a fair price, and it keeps him really busy. He had like 4-5 jobs a day lined up, but he will try to be available asap. He is simply a really nice guy.

I forget what he charged us exactly, but I think it was only 2000 NT$ for moving stuff from MinChuan W Rd (Taipei) to the far side of XinDian, including a quick second run to my girlfriend’s place in XinDian. We both feel he is really cheap - too cheap - but really good. (Sorry to any other movers whose prices may have become known through Forumosa. I guess that’s the price you pay for using a forum to promote your private business.)

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This is why my eyebrows raise when I see posts of people paying 10-15000 to [unnamed mover]. This is NOT a small difference.

BTW, this is the guys website: home.kimo.com.tw/nkplmdt2/index.html?1591639064

There are pics of his truck, and his contact info.[/quote]

Note, he doesn’t speak English, but if you got a friend to set up the appointment, I’m sure he could deal with a foreigner in person as long as they knew a bit of Chinese.

I’m glad you used him. :slight_smile:
My friend tried to, but he was all booked up at the time.

Friendly, fast, and very, very cheap.
The non-English was the only slight drawback.

and I need one of those trucks that can lift things into an apartment from the OUTSIDE. I saw one the other day…but didn’t know I was moving yet! I’m moving into a weird set-up…renting the 3rd and 4th floor of a hair salon…so I need to walk through their shop to get to my door…PLUS the door is very small…I don’t think anything can fit through there…


While Steven did a great job the time he moved something for me, it was a little expensive. The moving companies listed at Tsui Mama will also do the job without renegotiating since they want to stay on the list. Cheaper than Steven, but no English.

Feiren, what’s Tsui Mama? Do they have a website?




A non-profit organization that helps match landlords and tenants. Very well run although I would recommend you go there in person if you are having trouble finding what you are looking for. I remember they had a weird way of classifying rooftops which mystified me until I asked. If you don’t speak Chinese, it will be easier to deal with them in person. They also maintain a list of approved moving companies. If they get a bad record they are taken off the list.

Thanks. I’ll look it it!


I used one of the movers on their list, and at the end of the move, was handed a feedback form to fill out and return to Cui Mama. I was quite satisfied too. I think it was Kangfu Movers. 康福搬家 ?


Does anyone know where I could find a good moving company in Taiwan, one that would help me ship several boxes to China?

Instead of using a moving company, pack it yourself and contact a freight forwarder directly. That would be much cheaper as most international movers add a lot of profits on top of the shipping part. Double check their quote by going to the POST office or UPS/DHL and getting a competing quote from them. Always check with more than one Freight forwarding agent as well to compare prices.

By the way, it is easy to do everything, all the paper work is done for you by the forwarding agent, so no worries.

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