Localism at Da Shi (Honeymoon Bay)?

I bodyboard at Da Shi most Sundays in the summer, regulars will have seen me around - middle-aged bloke, old longjohn with the legs cut off, similarly ancient neoprene cap - I’m pretty quiet, I try not to bother anyone…

Da Shi’s a wonderful spot, take a look inside from the line-up - the beautiful green mountains could be anywhere in Northern Bali. The people seem pretty mellow too, generally speaking…

Unfortunately, last Saturday I experienced something there which left me feeling decidedly unmellow! I took off on a wave near a female Taiwanese bodyboarder - just a small one, 2 or 3 foot, and no physical contact. I didn’t realise anything was up until this girlie came paddling after me screaming her head off. I don’t know what she was saying but it sounded pretty venomous…

This chick couldn’t have been more than about 20 - and 5 foot nothing - so without thinking, I threw it back at her. I’m usually very respectful, but she took me by surprise… Next thing I know - yep, you’ve guessed it - I’m surrounded by the boyfriend and his mates. He’s got me by the throat, screaming ‘fcking lao wai, lao wai fcking, wanna fight, wanna fight, get out, get out!’ (This couple really deserve each other…).

I’m thinking ‘yeah, you’re a young bloke with all your mates and I’m the wrong side of 40, here on my own - of course I want a fight - fool…’! I offered to shake hands but that didn’t work, so a couple of his more reasonable mates suggested that I go down the other end of the beach, which I did. (Amazingly the girl came after me, still screaming ‘get out get out!’ She didn’t let up until I called back ‘dui bu chi, I’m sorry…’).

Well, later I mentioned this incident, just in passing, to the guy at the beach cafe. Next thing I know, him and his brother and his mates are scouring the beach for the perpetrators - I’m thinking ‘oh no, this is going to spiral…!’ Anyway, he comes back later to tell me it’s all straightened out. From what I think he was trying to tell me, the business community there take a very dim view of this sort of thing, because it gives the place a bad reputation.

Here’s the advice he gave me - it’s so good I think it’s worth repeating here: if you get into any kind of trouble like this DON’T talk back. Just get out of the water and tell somebody with a bit of clout in the community - the surf shop people or the guys at the cafe for instance. Let them sort it out, the beach is their livelihood so a mellow atmosphere is very important to them.

As foreigners I think we can do our bit to keep things sweet at Da Shi too - don’t go agressively demanding respect; be prepared to cede the right of way when necessary, the locals will still be there long after most of us have gone home. Hope you all have a good time there this summer - CHEERS!

One word.


Everywhere in the world.

Surfers in SA (my country) can be like that too.

I’m sure Mordeth would have suggested you mace the filthbag.

Well said, Dave, and well done for keeping your cool.

I have heard unconfirmed reports of this type of “localism” surfacing this summer at some of the more popular spots.

I think your advice for handling it is spot on.

Here’s to a mellow summer that everyone can enjoy.

Southern Cal was the same way…You stepped outside your local break and as often as not the second there was a drop in issue you were in a fight with a local.

It’s the most suckass part of surfing, and the main reason I quit when I was a teenager. The beauty of the sport is lost rather quickly when someone is in your face over one lousy wave.

I’d never heard of it being an issue in Taiwan before this post though…But it’s a bummer all this same. Sorry you had to experience this… :frowning:

Makes me appreciate Fulong that much more… :sunglasses:

sounds liek they have been watching a little too much of sonny garcia…

that said, last time i went to daxi it was full of foreigners playing guitars and drums and leaving crap evetywhere. (isolated incident perhaps)

i hate the fact there are vendors everywhere up there right now and the locals probably hate how its changed as well.

still, no need to harras mellow fellows enjoying the waves… sorry to hear it.

It didn’t start out that way here - in the past it was way mellow.

But what I don’t find amusing is that the Taiwanese are picking up on the localism bit, but they still have no f’ing clue what the actual rules are. And just try explaining…

What could we expect from this competitive, status concious (sp) ego-driven society?

This by far is not the first incident of locals attacking foriegn surfers. It has been going on for many years. I wonder why foreigners still go there, there are certainly quieter spots with waves that are just as good, if not better. You just have to explore the coast further south. :wink:

thats hardly the point… such surfer behaviour happens everywhere. this doesnt make it acceptable however. i wonder what the bluebirdboarding guys have to say about this topic? any bbb’ers here?

What’s hardly the point?

A good idea is to look for other spots to surf.

Now this is hardly the point.

[quote=“AWOL”]that said, last time I went to Daxi it was full of foreigners playing guitars and drums and leaving crap evetywhere. (isolated incident perhaps)

I hate the fact there are vendors everywhere up there right now and the locals probably hate how its changed as well. [/quote]

Maybe the point you wanted me to make was…

Next time don’t get in their way. or
%$&# them, you have every right to be there!