Locals on average drink 200 cups of coffee per year from new report

Had chat with local Barista (coffee brewer) in Kaoshuing, told me people drink 200 cups of coffee now, so searched as it sounded very high and found it is true. Bit surprised but after being in Hawaii seems Kaoshuing has so many more coffee shops.


That doesn’t seem that high to me, assuming it’s only looking at the adult population. If half the people didn’t drink coffee at all and half the people drank one cup per day that would already put you over 180. Then you’ve got to consider that many people have more than one cup per day. That gets you to 200 pretty easily, right?


Remove any of these from coffee shop, wifi, sit-as-long-as-you-want, air-conditioning, from coffee shops, and the number of cups of coffee per person would drop.

Remove all of them and the number would plunge.

Coffee is just the price of admission to coffee shops.


So how would you explain the countless yet also sh&tty City Cafe cups of coffee being taken out of 7-11 day after day?



Not splainin’ that part. Explaining the coffee shop part.

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Coffee powers the Taiwan worker-drone economy. Throw in a bubble tea in the afternoon. Actually I often see coffee being purchased at weird times here, like 5pm in the evening. 200 a day or year?

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“…an average person… in Taiwan consumed 200 cups per capita on a yearly basis”.

If we are to assume “average person” includes the entire Taiwan population (or maybe coffee-drinking age population), then correlates that people that drink coffee (vice people that don’t drink coffee), drink a lot more cups per year than 200.

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Try ordering a black coffee (not Americano) at Starbucks late in the day or eve, they have tried get me order something else or in one case refused they told me in Chinese, then English then finally got someone tell in Japanese (after I ordered and sat down) to pay NT$10 more for Americano, as they need clean the pot. It’s happened more than a few times, my co worker she complained when this happened, they reviewed the video and got a call back and offer a free coffee, we never went back to this location. (disclaimer, some locations are like this not all)


I don’t mind the convenience store coffee here actually. I’m not going to throw out the moka pots just yet, but it’s not bad in a pinch.

Much better than I would have expected, anyway. (I’m only referring to americano/espresso - no idea about the other types.)

Most people purchasing at coffee shops are getting it to go, plus a ton of people make their own coffee at home or office. Then there is the aforementioned convenience store coffee which is huge here, coffee from restaurants, etc. I don’t think coffee consumed by people hanging out in coffee shops is nearly as big of a percentage of total consumption as you seem to think it is.


You think buying coffee at 5pm is a “weird time”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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But you’re presenting it as if the coffee shop part is the same as all coffee consumption, or at least significant enough that the numbers would “plunge” without it.

For me it certainly is, if I’m hoping to sleep that night and go to work the next morning. Seems to be normal for many others, though.

That goes without saying, since 200 cups would only be one every two days. Most coffee drinkers I know have probably 1-3 cups per day.

6pm is my cut off, except for espresso at a nice cafe or dinner place.

Nah, it’s fine. I think I made my fifth and last coffee of the day last night around 2—3 a.m., and I can sleep perfectly fine.

Anyway, goodnight. :sweat_smile:


Perhaps you have single handedly bumped up the average ?


I’m not sure I’m included in the statistics actually, since I mostly buy the beans and drink coffee at home. (My budgeting app says I’ve bought 30 cups outside this year, and just 10 in 2020.)

I did see this pearl in the article

Taiwan consumers have some of the highest purchasing power in Asia at …

Now I am starting to question the reliability of every other number in here.

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Apparently “plunge” is a naughty word round these parts. How about “drop noticably”.