Locker room butt slap a crime?

WTF :thinking:

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Just say "Don’t do that " move on. If he does it twice, then different.

Looked like he was getting in his face a bit too. Don’t hit people, pretty simple. What was the security guard doing?


Actually on second thoughts I agree with you in that putting hands on someone else is wrong unless in self defense or the defense of others. I think if I was the security guard I would have warned him, and let it slide once; although it would have angered me. None the less, you’re right that it was wrong and each to their own about how to resolve it.

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Yeah, he seems to be pissed about something.

It seems more like a thing an apology would do. An arrest warrant seems excessive.

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I’m wondering what a security guard was doing walking around the locker room for, checking for alcohol?

There’s too much we can’t see or hear to tell. If OJ was being enough of a jerk to the guy, it could be understandable. From what I can see, that seems plausible. Not sure though. Maybe it can still get resolved

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No smoking in the building… if a fire broke out in that part of the stadium it could be ugly, so that’s why they were trying to get them to stop. But more importantly, the the security guard is actually a police officer I believe. I’m surprised he wasn’t arrested on the spot.

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He was being an asshole not celebrating.
Deserves the warrant.

I think the opposit…OBJ celebrated too hard…giving out cash to LSU players and slapping a superdom security guard? OBJ thought the locker room was the strip club. :joy: :crazy_face: :joy: :joy: :joy:

So, you are saying a NCAA championship doesn’t deserve a cigar? Go back and watch every major sports championship locker room celebration.

OK, you are right NCAA championship doesn’t deserve a cigar celebration, because these players shouldn’t be able to afford cigars…they dont’ get pay for jack. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl:

The whole interaction seems a little strange. The way OBJ was staring pre-slap, and the way he did not seem contrite post-slap make me think something was going on between them before this video kicks off.

Louisiana has always had “interesting” ideas about law enforcement, esp in New Orleans. OBJ may be an LSU alum, and he may be famous in the NFL, but it’s still probably not a good idea to wind up and deliver a slap to the backside of a NOLA rent-a-cop.

Nope, didn’t say any of that.

That cop got #MeToo :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :crazy_face: :rofl: :joy:


Yeah I get the impression that something like that happened, too.

I sometimes get the feeling that OBJ marches to a song that only he hears, so who knows what really happened.

CTE bro. I think OBJ is on that CTE path.

Just look at Antonio Brown. That dude is on FULL CTE. You can’t deny the fact that CTE is just that horrid. Just look at Antonio Brown with blonde mustache. No sane man would do that to himself and say “man I look good.”


Oh, phew! When I saw the headline and the first poster, I thought Andrew had been arrested and was going to spend the rest of his life on a bad hombres list… :astonished:

Seriously though, calling it a “locker room butt slap” is misleading because it’s not a joke between teammates. An outsider happens to be there doing his job, and getting slapped without recourse is not part of the job description.


OBJ slapped an actual police officer who was in the locker room enforcing the no smoking policy.

Simple assault on a police officer conducting official business is not a joke.

The arrest warrant has been dropped.

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What a sad waste of talent. NFL team clubhouses must be some next level drama.

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I disagree. The earlier these NFL super stars realize CTE is no joke and get out of that sport the better. Forget NFL, get into other sports like baseball where you can be fat and lazy and no salary cap.

Early smart retirements: Andrew Luck, Luke Kuechly, Gronk, and CTE supported early retirement, Antonio Brown :joy: :joy: :joy:. NFL contract is a joke. Get your guaranteed and GTFO.

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I think its safe to say he has some serious emotional and mental problems. Brain damage and drugs and ego and rhe wrong kind of people aroind you no bueno.

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