Logic games



i got them all!!! are there any others like this out there? can you post some urls, please? they’re pretty funky little games.
the cannibal one was the toughest, but it’s def doable, although at first doesn’t appear so.
i love things like this!


You got them all???

No fair

I got the first 2, (and the canibals were real tricky, but I am like totally STUCK on the 3rd one (crossing the bridge.

A hint for you …
For game 3, try to remember that if slow family members cross simultaneously, the amount of time they waste will be less than if they cross consecutively.


Thanks monk, I was getting real frustrated

Now I can attack the knight game, I never really understood chess, so this will be fun - not

Yeah, I thought the first two were pretty easy and I only got the third one becuase I saw it in written form before based around people with one umbrella that two people could use. I couldn’s solve it at the time, but a friend got it for me late. I dont know about the one with the knight though. I just sortof jumped anywhere and manged to fluke it first shot.

So, yeah, anymore?

I got the knight one by fluke too … though it took me over a dozen tries. Anyone care to explain how to do this puzzle “properly.”

I’m afraid I can’t help you, Monk. I really don’t have the patience for children’s games.

For a collection of games of most types try http://www.zapspot.com/games

Originally posted by wolf_reinhold: I'm afraid I can't help you, Monk. I really don't have the patience for children's games.

Wolf, come on … please tell me that your dog finished all the puzzles and told you not to bother, coz they were too easy.

OK Monk, damnit!
If you want to know the truth…I tried to do the first one and couldn’t and got so frustrated that I locked myself in a closet and pouted for three days. I have to go refill my high-blood pressure medication prescription now…

Those who like this sort of thing might enjoy the puzzles at www.cut-the-knot.com/games.html

Also, buy anything by Raymond Smullyan. Wonderful, wonderful books of logic, math, philosophy and fun.
He also wrote a book on Taoism, The Tao is Silent, but I haven’t read that one yet.

bump for bored trolls, formosa and others

I got the first two okay, although the cannibals ate really well for quite a while until I finally figured it out. But game 3 has me stumped. Can anybody solve it?

I could, but it’s gonna cost you.


Okay, okay…try sending the two fastest people so you have them on both sides when you return the lamp (with the 1 sec person, of course)…send the slower ones together…especially the slowest two and use your fast guys to transport the lamp back and forth. That was the easiest one aside from the goat, dog, boat thing that I learned in 2nd grade from my spelling book…guess which vowel sounds it tested…

Don’t mean to brag or anything, but it takes ME only about two minutes on average to figure these things out, therefore leaving far more time to engage in other types of “mental masturbation”…:smiley:

Sorry, insider joke. :wink:

my friend just told me this mind twister. she was asked this question in a job interview.

if you have two totally separate rooms across the hall [from each other], one with 3 [normal run-of-the-mill] light switches and one with 3 lamps, and the doors to the rooms are closed so you cant see anything in the other room, [and assuming you start in the room with the light switches], how many times must you cross the hall to see which light switch connects to which lamp? explain your answer too.

[clairification notes added in later are in brackets]

Just once (I won’t write the answer though. I don’t want to spoil it).


Here’s my favorite. Toughest I’ve ever seen, and no tricks.

You are in a treasure chamber with 12 golden buddhas and a balance scale (one of those ones that doesn’t actually weigh something, but just has two buckets, so you can tell which side is heavier). You can take one of the golden buddhas and keep it for yourself! Unfortunately 11 of them are made from some sort of fool’s gold and only one is made from real gold. Luckily the buddhas are all the same size, and fool’s gold has a different density (and thus a different weight, than real gold), so by weighing the buddhas (against each other) you can figure out which one is made from real gold. Don’t start yet though. The guardian of the treasure chamber will only allow you three weighs on the scale, AND for some bizarre reason, he’ll only let you take the golden buddha if you can tell him if it’s heavier or lighter than the others.

Like I said, no tricks.


i found the buddhas question eminently doable, took me about 15 minutes. one of the other online games at the top of this thread, though, the cannibals one, im still scratching my head on it.